Bay Waters Are Being Contaminated By Excess Dog Poop Following Hurricane Irma

Following Hurricane Irma, the waters of Tampa Bay have begun to contain high amounts of feces.

According to environmental scientist Andy Lykens in a story by ABC Action News, natural disasters cause waters to rise onto the shore, washing over everything on it. That includes…

“Dog poop,” Lykens says in the story. “That’s a really big problem. That introduces nitrogen into the water and fecal matter into the water. That’s a reason why beaches get shut down.”

He adds, “When you get a lot of rainfall at one time, it pushes everything at once into the bay. Everything drains into the bay.”

Watch the news clip on below:

ABC Action News also notes that dog ownership is up 29%, increasing the amount of dog doo – and lazy owners – in certain areas. This has prompted neighborhood poo patrols, fines, and even apps to help keep dog owners accountable for their pup’s poop. But despite these measures, pick-up is still a problem for some people.

Until the issue is solved, the best thing to do is avoid heavily polluted areas, keep and eye out for offending dog owners, and keep cleaning up after your own pooch.

(h/t: ABC Action News)

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