Beagle’s Reaction To Memorial Of Late Friend Will Melt Your Heart!

Despite the many differences between dogs and humans, both species grieve similarly. We might not realize it, but our dogs are often just as heartbroken after the loss of a family member. They might not understand the situation as well as we can, but they can tell that a loved one is gone.

A Beagle named Lola proved to her mom that she understands loss better than people give her credit for. The family recently said goodbye to their senior Yorkie named Lacy, and Lola was just as devastated as her humans. But when Lola’s mom bought a memorial for Lacy, the Beagle’s reaction shocked everyone.

Beagle and Yorkie Christmas photo

An Adorable Sibling Bond

Alli Trent brought Lola home as a puppy when Lacy was ten years old. The senior Yorkie was used to being the only dog, so she wasn’t fond of the new addition at first. But no matter how much Lacy pushed Lola away, the pup kept trying her best to win her older sister’s heart.

“[Lacy] would growl at her, but Lola was always so, so patient with her,” Trent said. “Lola was so obsessed with Lacy from the beginning. She watched her every move, followed her around, and anywhere Lacy would lay, Lola wanted to be right there with her.”

Woman with Beagle and Yorkie

Sadly, Lacy’s health started to decline after four years with Lola. The tiny pup coughed more often and seemed weaker, but Lola was always there to comfort her. When Lacy passed away, it took Lola a few days to process that her sister wasn’t coming home.

When Trent put Lacy’s bed away, Lola tried to follow and take it from her human. That’s when the Beagle started to realize the heartbreaking truth. Lola wasn’t sure how to handle the grief, but everything changed when Trent put up a memorial photo of Lacy.

Beagle and Yorkie matching sweaters

Lola Misses Lacy

The memorial for Lacy had a photo of the pup beside a heartwarming quote. Trent said that she had put lots of decorations on the shelf before, but as soon as she put Lacy’s photo up, it piqued Lola’s interest. She kept looking at the picture and wagging her tail.

“Later that night, we were talking about Lacy, and I looked at Lola and said, ‘Do you miss Lacy? I do, too.'” Trent said. “She looked at me and tilted her head, and I said, ‘Where is Lacy?’ Without hesitating, she sprinted over to the couch, jumped up on the arm … and put her nose straight to the picture wagging her tail like it was really her.”

Beagle looking at memorial photo

Trent believes that Lola knows Lacy won’t ever come through the front door again. So, the pup seems to have accepted that the photo is the closest thing she’ll have to the Yorkie now.

After Lacy passed, Trent worried about how Lola would handle it, but the pup seems to be doing better than expected. She finds comfort in Lacy’s picture, and she continues to stay close to her mom during this difficult time. Since dogs grieve like we do, they know how important it is to be there for their loved ones, especially during sad moments.

Watch Lola’s Reaction Here:

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