Belligerent Woman Publicly Abuses Puppy Then Throws Him At Cops

A sweet puppy is safe in the arms of animal welfare workers after he was recently involved in a bizarre abuse event in the Mingo Valley neighborhood of Tulsa, Oklahoma.

When neighborhood residents saw a woman dragging and kicking a little puppy, they tried to stop the woman and save the pup. But she turned her ire on them and began hurling threats. That’s when neighbors called the Tulsa Police Department. But the officers’ arrival on the scene didn’t stop her anger or her cruelty to the puppy. In fact, things escalated in a hurry. But the swift actions of one of the officers saved the pup from further harm.


Arrested On Three Counts

As officers arrived in the neighborhood and confronted Sarah Powell about the behavior residents witnessed, she became belligerent. Sharing details about the incident on Facebook, The Tulsa Police Department reported, “Powell was argumentative and then tossed the puppy at the officer; she then tried to get away.”

Bodycam footage caught the moment Powell threw the puppy at officers. The screenshots shared by the department paint a tense moment that could have played out with a severe injury to the puppy. But one officer was ready for anything.


“Fortunately, the officer caught the puppy and his backing officers arrived to assist with capturing the suspect.”

Though Powell resisted, she was arrested and taken into custody. Powell now stands charged with three crimes, Cruelty to Animals AFCF (After Former Conviction of a Felony), Obstruction and Interfering with an Officer, and Threatening a Violent Act.


Doing Fine & Looking at Forever

The Tulsa Police Department didn’t share the deeper details regarding what set Powell off. However, they did report the poor pup caught in Powell’s storm is going to be just fine after healing from what was described as “some minor injuries, including some scrapes and cuts on his feet and stomach.”


To help the little one heal from the injuries and move past the fear of abuse, officers turned the puppy over to the care of the City of Tulsa Animal Welfare. And after some rest and relaxation, the pup won’t have to wait long for forever. It looks like home is already on the horizon.

As the witness at the scene shared with the officers, they’re planning on adopting the puppy after he’s had time to recover.

It’s a strange situation that ended well for the puppy and saw an abuser put behind bars. Thankfully, good-hearted witnesses stepped in to save the pup from the uncertainties and pain of further abuse. Here’s to hoping this scary moment will be the last for the pup. With his new family, we’re hoping for happy days ahead.

Feature Image: Tulsa Police Department

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