Beloved Labrador and Social Media Sensation Given Months to Live

Countless hearts in St. Augustine and beyond are heavy today. A beloved Yellow Labrador named Guenevere has been the town mascot of sorts for the last five years. Photos of her taking walks through the city with her human companion, Gary Williams have continually caused a social media sensation. She is lovingly called Queen Guen and her smile has been stealing hearts for years. Now, those same hearts are breaking. Guenevere has terminal lung cancer with only months left to live.

Image Gary Williams/Facebook

Queen Guen and Gary Share Daily Narrated Walks with Followers

It all started with a Facebook page called Love St. Augustine. The page is  “for all those that love, live in or visit this beautiful city” and is proudly spam and politics-free for 11 years strong. Guenevere and Gary frequently walked around St. Augustine, snapping photos along the way and sharing them on Facebook. It didn’t take long for people to fall for the adorable Labrador.

Gary is a novelist and, thus, has a way with words. Over time he began adding some narration on Guenevere’s behalf and people went wild for it! “She gets this expression it’s almost like a smile,” Gary told News 4. “I would let her lead and we would never take the same way,” Williams said. “It just became a thing where I started doing a narrative of her thoughts and my thoughts and it became a conversation. And over time, she became snarky, and usually, it was (at) my expense.”

Image Gary Williams/Facebook

A Devastating Diagnosis and End of an Era

Guenevere is twelve and a half years old. The senior dog has faced health problems in the past and always come out victorious. Three times she has been diagnosed with cancer and three times she and Gary have fought it and won. Not this time. Gary and Guenevere have learned that she has lung cancer that is quite advanced. She was given a grim prognosis with only months left to live.

Gary shared the devastating diagnosis with fans of Queen Guen far and wide. The support and love for this special girl has been pouring in ever since. Gary told News 4, “She had cancer three times before … and this battle is not one we can win. She has lung cancer and apparently, it’s pretty severe at this point. We’re working with months.”

Image Gary Williams/Facebook

Gary and Guenevere Will Spend Her Remaining Days Quietly Together

Guenevere is no longer up for taking walks around St. Augustine. She and Gary are going to take it easy moving forward. Gary plans to do all he can to show her how very loved she is at this last phase of her wonderful life. He knows she will be missed, saying, “It is going to be very, very difficult for me and for everybody who follows her,” Gary said to News 4. “Just her companionship. I mean, I already miss the walks.”

He went on to say, “She’s been like a best friend to me and been through thick and thin and I just want to be there for her now at the end. I think she knows I love her. I know she does.” We are certain that Guenevere knows how much Gary loves her, too. Our hearts go out to Queen Guen, Gary, and all those whose lives this pair have touched.

Featured Image Gary Williams/Facebook

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