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Best Boyfriend Award Goes To The Guy Who Gave His Girlfriend And Her Dog Matching Gifts

Nick and Cassandra have been friends for years, and when they started dating in 2016, Nick knew he wouldn’t be the only man in his girlfriend’s life. A white ball of fluff named Lucky stole Cassandra’s heart 15 years ago. As the first dog Cassandra has ever had, Lucky is an irreplaceable part of her life. She told iHeartdogs,

“As a military kid, I had a lot of trouble making friends and begged my parents to get me a dog for years. Lucky filled that void for me so I’ve come to look at him more as a family member rather than just a dog.”

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Blurry Lucky.

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Nick and Cassandra love to travel and explore the outdoors, but spending time with the senior Lhasa Apso is also high on their priority list. When Christmas rolled around, Nick wanted to get Cassandra a gift she’d truly love. He knew she prefers practical things with personal touches, so he started brainstorming. He considered personalized pens, pencils, and mugs, but then he thought about a blanket. The idea of putting Lucky’s face on the blanket was a stroke of genius. He said,

“Honestly, putting her dog’s face on the blanket was as much for her as it was for me. I thought it was a stupid but hilarious gift.”

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My cute old man.

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Getting a second blanket for Lucky wasn’t originally part of the plan, but he couldn’t resist the opportunity to go all out for the holidays. When Cassandra caught a glimpse of the invoice from open on his laptop, Nick gave in and told her about the blanket. But he left out one big detail.

“She loved the idea and was really excited about it coming in. What she didn’t expect was for there to be another smaller blanket for Lucky.”

When Christmas finally came around, Cassandra opened her gift thinking she already knew what it was. She had already told her parents how excited she was to get a blanket with Lucky’s face on it, but then she saw the second, smaller gift for her favorite pup. She said,

“When I found out about Lucky’s [blanket], I thought it was hysterical but wasn’t surprised because that’s exactly Nick’s humor.”

Cassandra and Lucky both loved their gifts, and when Nick posted about his idea on Reddit, the internet fell in love too. Now everyone wants matching blankets with their dog. Nick’s idea should be an inspiration to boyfriends everywhere. Check out his Instagram for great shots from his travels.

Featured Image Source: Nicholas Purvis

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Written by Amber King
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