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Can Dogs Eat Bananas?

Written by: Adri Sandoval
Adri Sandoval is the Special Projects Manager for iHeartDogs and iHeartCats. Her work has deepened her love for animals, fostering a strong passion for rescue and animal advocacy.Read more
| Published on February 6, 2019

When choosing a healthy snack for yourself you may wonder if you can share with your dog. Can dogs eat bananas?

Whether dogs should eat human food has always been a topic of debate. Some people can’t say no to a dog who turns on the puppy-dog-eyes at snack time. Others think that giving their dogs human food is not only spoiling them, it’s dangerous.

The truth is that a little human food won’t hurt your dog if you remember that your dog’s body won’t respond to all food the way that a human’s body will. Our dogs can be more sensitive to the stuff naturally found in food that we don’t even notice. But it’s okay to indulge your dog’s craving for some people foods – so long as it’s done in moderation!

Bananas are an excellent snack for humans. They’re full of fiber, iron and potassium, and several other nutrients that keep a human body strong and healthy. With their low sodium content and high fiber, they’re a fantastic choice for people seeking to keep their heart health in check.

Can dogs eat bananas?

The short answer is yes – in fact, bananas can be a great addition to a healthy dog’s diet if done right! However, if not fed carefully, bananas can still cause issues for your dog.

Banana Peels

Though dogs are capable of eating some items that humans don’t, like eggshells and raw bones, banana peels are still off-limits. Though not toxic to dogs, the high amount of fiber in a banana peel can cause your dog to throw up or get diarrhea. Your dog isn’t likely to swallow one whole, but many vets warn against offering your dog an unpeeled banana anyway, since the peel can cause an obstruction, which will mean a trip to the vet.


Like other fruit, bananas have a high sugar content. Too much sugar, regardless of the source, is not good for your dog. Sugar can become fat, and too much fat is obesity. Obesity causes a whole slew of other issues for dogs, including arthritis, heart and liver problems, and an increased risk of cancer. And, just like humans, some dogs can even become addicted to sugar.

A little sugar here and there won’t hurt your dog, but feeding your dog too much can become an issue.


Some of us find it hard to think of our dog’s food in calories. Instead, we think in cups or cans per day. However, our dogs bodies burn calories for energy just like ours do, and they have unique caloric needs based on their size, activity level, age, etc. Too many calories will also cause obesity. Smaller dogs need fewer calories than bigger dogs, and a treat like a whole banana can put them over what they’re actually burning in a day. Unburned calories can also become fat, which, if not kept in check, can become obesity.

Talk to your vet before adding human foods to a young pup’s diet. A healthy, balanced diet is especially important during your dog’s development.

For more information, read How Many Calories Does My Dog Need?

Feeding your dog banana

Reminder: it’s best not to offer your dog an unpeeled banana.

Bananas, like any snack, is best in moderation. Feeding your dog a banana sliced or mashed is also a good idea – especially if you have a dog who likes to eat fast! Cutting it down into bite-sized bits will keep a careless eater from trying to swallow it in pieces that are too big for his throat.

When done right, a banana can be a sweet, fun treat for your dog! A mashed banana makes a great filling for stuffable toys, like the easier-to-clean Betterball. A mashed banana in a stuffed toy, plus a freezer can be a lot of fun for a hot dog on a summer day!

Bananas are often used in dog-safe recipes for baked or frozen treats because they’re delicious and can help bind dry ingredients together! What goes better with peanut butter than banana anyway?

Try these recipes:

Banana Bread Soft Chew Dog Treat Recipe from ProudDogMom.

Unlike most of the other biscuit recipes here on Proud Dog Momwhich create a crunchy snack for your canine companion—these soft chew dog treats are … well … soft on the inside. Once baked, they have more of a bread or cake-like texture. Since they don’t require any real jaw power to chomp through, they’re perfect for both baby and senior Fido … and every age in between!

Photo: ProudDogMom


3 Ingredient Frozen Dog Treats from LiveLaughRowe

Want to hear a little secret? These are people friendly too. Yep, all of the ingredients (minus the dog bone) are foods we eat. I tasted one. Not too shabby. … Regardless, the dogs loved them! They practically swallowed them whole, before I swooped them up and did a little chopping up.  HA!

Photo: LiveLaughRowe

Frozen Peanut Butter Banana Pupcakes from LolaThePitty

“Lola’s birthday was this week so I wanted to make her something special, but didn’t really feel like turning on the oven. I’ll admit, I’ve been kind of lazy lately about baking. These are pretty much the easiest treat to make for your dog, ever. Dump everything in a blender, pour into trays and freeze. Your pups will LOVE these!”

Photo: LolaThePitty

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