Breed: Cane Corso Health Problems, Lifespan, Temperament & Maintenance

| Published on August 25, 2017

Average Size of Female: Height: 23 – 25 inches, Weight: 88 – 99 pounds
Life span: 10-11 years
Suggested tests: None
Occasionally seen: None
Major concerns: None
Average Size of Male: Height: 24 – 27 inches, Weight: 99 – 110 pounds
Minor concerns: Bone and joint problems

Brief History on Cane Corso Origin

It is thought that the Cane Corso was first created to aid hunters in capturing large wild animals and game. Popular in Italy for many years, this breed was known as a hunting companion and powerful guard dog. It is said that the name was derived from the Latin word “cohors,” which roughly translated to “protector” or “guardian of the farm-yard.”

Cane Corso Breed Appearance

Sturdy, muscular and athletic, it moves with considerable ease and elegance. It has always been a watchdog and hunter of difficult game such as the wild boar. The short hair coat is dense and becomes thicker in the winter time. The coat can come in a large variety of colors/patterns such as black, plumb-gray, slate, light gray, blue/gray, light fawn, deer fawn, dark fawn and tubby. Patches of white hair can also be found on the chest, on the tips of the feet, and on the bridge of the nose.

Cane Corso Breed Temperament

Loyal and intelligent, the Cane Corso is normally a quiet addition to the family but it will serve as a great protector. This breed responds well to training as they are very smart, and obedience and socialization training is highly recommended while they are young. This breed is incredibly tolerant with children in the family. The Cane Corso is known for their calm, stable temperament. However, it is a suspicious breed and can be aggressive towards unfamiliar people.

Cane Corso Breed Maintenance

Grooming of the Cane Corso is minimal and does not require much time. Simply brush the short, dense coat on a regular basis to remove any loose or dead hairs. This breed can live in an apartment dwelling if sufficient daily exercise is provided. The Cane Corso is also a dog that can be happy living outdoors, so long as a large covered shelter is available for them to rest in the shade. Daily exercise is necessary with this large and athletic dog. It doesn’t matter if it is a long run around the neighborhood, or some interactive play time out in the yard. Just be sure to give your Cane Corso plenty of physical and mental exercise and attention.

Breed: Cane Corso Health Problems, Lifespan, Temperament & Maintenance

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