Celebrities Give A Voice To The Forgotten “Outdoor Dogs” In This Heartbreaking Video

It’s an issue that doesn’t receive nearly as much attention as dog fighting or blatant animal abuse, but an issue nonetheless.

Countless dogs in this country are purchased or adopted only to be left chained in the yard, deprived of the love, attention and shelter they crave – and richly deserve.

Image Credit: YouTube/PETA


In the following video these lonely, helpless “outdoor dogs” are finally given a voice through celebrity activists like Tom Hardy, Casey Affleck, Edie Falco and Bill Maher.

Dogs that spend their lives chained outdoors suffer emotional and behavioral scars as well as the physical signs of neglect. The video urges viewers to see the world through their eyes – as a cold, frightening and lonely place.

It’s a sobering reminder that dogs are family, not lawn ornaments. If you cannot make room inside your home for a dog, then you aren’t ready to make room inside your heart either.

Featured Images via YouTube/PETA

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