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Creative Dog Dad Builds Epic Living Area For His Pooches

We love our dogs so much, we’ll do anything in our power to make their lives as amazing as possible. We give them the best food, homes, and toys that we can, and shower them with love any chance we get.

Then, there are the people who know how to get creative. One example is Aaron Franks, a dad to four pups who are so loyal and lovable, he thought they deserved a special space of their very own… so he built them one! And the results are totally epic:

Image Source: Aaron Franks


Pit mixes Tessa, age 10, Bruno, age 9, Coupe, age 5, and Mia, age 4 get to live in the lap of doggy luxury in their multi-story mansion!

“I’ve owned dogs since a child and since then I’ve always wanted to do it,” Franks told iHeartDogs of embarking on his project. “Being a homeowner now for 10 years, I figured I would just go for it.”

Image Source: Aaron Franks


So, Franks pieced together the pooch paradise a little at a time, working on the structure on his days off. Over a period of two years, he constructed an impressive indoor/outdoor area where his dogs can play, relax, and even swim!

“Our dogs are apart our family and our dog house almost completes our home that we’ve been working on for 10 years,” Franks wrote on Facebook.

“I guess some people wouldn’t call it a ‘dog house,’ but that’s the shortest name I could come up with,” he added.

He went on to explain his glorious masterpiece.

“It’s a 3 story play area…”

Image Source: Aaron Franks

“It has 3 entrances, it comes equipped with electricity, running water, 3 swings, in-ground pool, 2 security cameras, indoor staircase with ramp, fire hydrant, pirate ship wheel, access to food and water…”

Image Source: Aaron Franks

“It’s mulched where they do their business, [has] 3 rabbit escape holes, plenty of spots to lounge in or out [of] the sun, plus a boom-boom room.”

Image Source: Aaron Franks

“My kids want me to put a flat screen out there so they can watch Animal Planet, but I don’t know, that might be too much…”

Image Source: Aaron Franks


Unsurprisingly, the post has gotten over one hundred thousand reactions and has been shared nearly as many times. Franks explained to us:

“The viral thing is pretty weird. I’m new to Facebook, started in March. My memes never got more than 10 likes, never a comment. Then one day, I figured I’d post pics of my dog house, then BOOM!

I’m just shocked by how people are really emotional about it, people from all around the world thanking me, [saying] that I inspired them to do well in school and in life and [to achieve their] goals… people from other countries calling me for measurements – how cool is that? I wish I could do more for some of these people, and I can’t even keep up with these messages.”

Image Source: Aaron Franks


While we wish we could have a doggy haven like this in our back yards, Franks certainly worked hard and deserves to watch his pups enjoy the fruits of his labor!

“I love these guys, our family wouldn’t be the same without them,” he said. “They deserve it after all they have done for me.” 

Image Source: Aaron Franks


“The love that comes from their hearts is real and people take that for granted by not allowing their dog to be apart of there family,” he added. “I just wanted to show them I love them by doing [it].”

The dedication that Franks has to his dogs is truly inspiring. We want to thank him for letting us share his amazing story and stunning photos!

Does your home have any areas that are specifically catered to canines? Share with us in the comments below!

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Written by Karen Tietjen
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