Dad Of “Smallest Dog” In The World’ Was Willing To Do ‘Anything’ To Protect Her

When Hope was born in Quebec, Canada, she was just 2 ounces, less than two pounds. When the veterinarians told Rodney Mclean that Hope had dwarfism and wouldn’t live more than 48 hours, he was devastated.


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However, what began as a terrible scenario has turned into one incredible little survivor! Not only has she managed to overcome her fragile health in the beginning, but she’s also begun to mature.

After one year, Hope has blossomed into a beautiful little puppy who weighs 11 ounces. As an adult dog, she may weigh up to 13 pounds.



Image/Story Source Credit: YouTube Video



Rodney discusses the special regimen he has been administering to Hope. The little girl believes she is a regular dog and just wants to play and frolic all day long. Rodney puts her inside an enclosure so that she may safely play with her jangling ball.



Image/Story Source Credit: YouTube Video



Despite her tiny size, we can see that she is full of life and has the widest personality. We commend Rodney for his excellent treatment of this adorable little miracle. nHope is a stunning dog who has now been recognized as the world’s smallest! We wish her good health and happiness for a long time to come.


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