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Dedicated Animal Rescuer Who Saved Thousands Of Dogs Dies Of COVID-19

An avid animal rescuer named Valerie is being remembered for the many furry friends she rescued throughout her life. The families she helped are sharing their memories of this incredible woman who recently passed away from COVID-19.

Valerie Louie was deeply involved with animal rescue throughout her adult life. Also a full-time nurse at Highland Hospital, her entire life revolved around helping others.

valerie loss
Photo via RocketDogRescue/Facebook

Valerie worked with local animal rescues for the last 20 years, helping to rescue thousands of dogs and find them loving homes. She especially enjoyed finding families for troubled pups with dark pasts, as she knew just how much support they needed.

“I cannot fathom how many dogs she saved, probably thousands.” – Valerie’s son

Valerie was known for being an incredible matchmaker when it came to finding families for her rescues. She had a knack for deeply understanding a dog’s personality and struggles, and finding the perfect home to suit their needs. She always kept a mental log of each family that was looking to adopt, and could immediately match them when the right pup came along!

valerie loss
Photo via RocketDogRescue/Facebook

Valerie rescued 80 dogs during the pandemic alone, finding them the perfect homes during such a challenging time. She worked on the front line for both humans and animals, making her death a devastating blow to the rescue community.

“Her passion for caring both for people and fur babies was evident in every waking moment.” – Valerie’s friend

Just a few of the many dogs she rescued include a Chihuahua named Mort who spent his life outside on a chain, a French Bulldog named Ida that was rescued in the mountains of China, and a lovable one-eyed pug named Tavish.

One of the many rescues that Valerie worked with is the Rocket Dog Rescue in Oakland, California. With being involved since the day they began, they are feeling her loss deeply.

valerie loss
Photo via RocketDogRescue/Facebook

“Over the years, Val’s influence on Rocket Dog has been incalculable. She had many different roles, and launched programs and initiatives, including our vaccination program.

As anyone who has adopted a dog from Val knows, she was a dedicated and talented matchmaker, helping thousands of people find their perfect dog.

Val’s legacy lives on at Rocket Dog, at other rescues she’s helped and mentored, and in all the dogs and dog-parents whose lives she changed forever.” – Rocket Dog Rescue

We are sending our deepest condolences to Valerie’s family and friends during this difficult time.

H/T: nytimes.com
Image Source: RocketDogRescue/FB

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