Dedicated Dog Rescuer Turns Her Home Into A Handicapped-Pup Sanctuary

About 12 years ago, Claire-Louise Nixon rescued her very first special needs dog that was in danger of being let go without rescue intervention. Though caring for this handicapped puppy was an experience like no other, this Milton Keynes resident had no idea that the love and dedication to this one pup would open the door to a long future in animal rescue.

After the rescue of her first special needs resident, a tiny Cocker Spaniel named Thomas Cook with a cleft palate, Claire-Louise was officially initiated into the animal rescue lifestyle. Caring for the helpless Cocker puppy ignited a passion inside Nixon that she had never experienced before, and she knew she had to continue this work for the sake of animals. It was then that she decided to make it her mission to rescue as many handicapped, or otherwise “different” pups that crossed her path.

wheels to paws

Once word spread of the incredible efforts of the dedicated dog rescuer in Milton Keynes, the Nixon brood continued to grow. Fast forward to 2019, and Claire-Louise has opened her home to 27 rescues from all around the world.

Some of her daily tasks include medicating the rescues in her home, giving paralyzed pups daily baths to keep them clean and free of infection, and constantly keeping up with the cleaning in a house that holds 27 dogs. Caring for the dogs in her care is an around the clock job.

wheels to paws

Though her job can be quite tedious, she explains that the wonderful rescues in her home make everything worth it. There is Sherlock Holmes, who was shot by a security guard. There is Freddie Mercury, the previously paralyzed pup who has since gained his strength to walk. There is Patrick Swayze, a lovable canine with a disorder that causes him to twitch.

In addition to these extraordinary pooches listed above are dogs who have been injured from living in war-torn areas, dogs who have been in automobile accidents, and some with severe spinal injuries. There seems to be no limit to the dogs that Claire-Louise is willing to rescue, but one thing is certain; she will stop at nothing to save a dog in need!

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Though some of the dogs in her care will struggle for the rest of their lives, she takes a particular interest in helping paralyzed pups gain back some of their abilities. With success helping some of her previously down rescues gain strength and walk again, she knows that nothing is impossible!

“When I get these dogs who are in such a bad way, the vet would say: ‘Claire, you won’t get them walking again’, But now they say nothing is impossible! They say we work miracles with them! I think all they need is love, kindness and patience. When they walk into my house they see other dogs like them so they don’t feel any different, that’s why I think they do so well here. If you give them a reason to walk again then they will.” – Claire-Louise

wheels to paws

Claire-Louise has an incredible support system with her animal loving husband and daughter, and is able to support these incredible pups with the donations to her organization called Wheels to Paws UK. We are so grateful for dedicated animal lovers like them, and send all of our love and support for their future efforts.

If you would like to support the continued efforts of Wheels to Paws UK, you can contact Claire-Louise through the rescues Facebook page.

Image Source: WheelsToPawsUK/Facebook

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