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Dog Walks Up To Sanctuary Gate And Holds Out His Paw

Written by: Julie Hunt
Julie Hunt is an avid dog lover and writer for, and has a background as a veterinary technician. She rescued a beautiful former bait dog named Rory.Read more
| Published on May 30, 2024

Stray animals have to fend for themselves, making survival challenging. We can only hope that humans intervene before it’s too late. Homeless dogs deserve a life filled with love and stability, and thanks to dedicated rescuers, transformative stories like these are possible. These precious animals should have the chance to find happiness far from the perils of street life. This story focuses on Deputy, a homeless dog whose search for affection led him to the Off The Grid Animal Sanctuary, a non-profit organization in Texas. Despite feeling sad and frightened, Deputy mustered the courage to approach the sanctuary’s gates.


Upon his arrival, the canine residents started barking, alerting Bionca Smith, the sanctuary’s founder, to the new visitor. Peering out the window, Smith saw a dog she had never encountered before, waiting hopefully at the gate. Smith quickly went to greet him. The first thing she noticed was his forlorn expression. Given his size, Smith initially felt a bit wary, unsure of his temperament.

“I could tell he was looking for help, but his face was a little intimidating to me for a brief moment. I could’ve been afraid he’d bite me. He could’ve been afraid I’d hurt him, but because of the connection that comes with being at the right place at the right time … when you know, you know,” Smith shared on Instagram.


Feeling a deep sense of trust, she spoke to him softly, encouraging him to come closer. Deputy, as he would later be named, responded by walking towards her, tail wagging. Smith’s heart melted when Deputy extended his paw, silently asking for help. She gratefully took his paw and gently stroked it, moved by his trust. Deputy seemed to know he had found the right place. His gesture and sorrowful eyes instantly endeared him to Smith, who then welcomed him into the sanctuary and gave him a tour.

Being a stray, Deputy needed to undergo quarantine before joining the other dogs. However, Kumo, the sanctuary’s ‘guardian and alpha’ dog, was eager to meet the newcomer. “Kumo is our guardian dog. [He’s] the alpha of our pack and the friendliest [dog] ever. Before Deputy can enter, they must meet before quarantine,” Smith explained in an Instagram video. When Kumo saw Deputy, he extended his paw through the fence as a gesture of welcome.


After his quarantine period, Deputy was introduced to the other dogs, who were excited to meet him. He quickly became part of the group. Now, Deputy revels in his freedom, running joyfully with his new canine friends. He adores Smith, often snuggling with her and offering affectionate hugs.

Deputy has transformed; his face no longer shows any signs of sadness. Instead, it radiates joy. The security and love he has received at the Texas sanctuary have filled him with happiness and confidence. It is clear that it won’t be long before Deputy finds a forever home and loving parents who will cherish him as he truly deserves.

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