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DIY Dog House Ideas For Crafty (And Not-So-Crafty) Dog Lovers

There’s nothing like the feeling of knowing you made something with your own two hands. And what better gift to give a person or pooch than something you painstakingly crafted, just for them?

We’ve compiled a list of DIY dog houses, from simple to sophisticated, for all sorts of different dog personalities. Just remember, safety comes first (for both you and your canine companion), so if you’ve never picked up a power tool before, you should probably enlist some experienced help.

1. Pallet Pup House 

Pallets are awesome for DIY projects of all kinds, and you can often get your paws on them for free. Old World Garden Farms suggests asking locally-owned garden or hardware stores if you can take some off their hands. (Check out the link for more great tips on scoring free pallets!)

Check out 101 Pallet Furniture to learn more.

Image Source: 101 Pallet Furniture


2. Rooftop Deck Dog House

Have a hound who loves heights? Build this impressive high-rise for a pooch who loves to oversee his kingdom. However, given the height, we would suggest that this project only be tackled by experienced builders.

Check out Praktic Ideas to learn more.

Image Source: Praktic Ideas


3. Rustic Canine Cabin

If you and your pup enjoy the country, he’ll be elated to have a rustic log cabin of his very own! Not only is this dog house practical, it’s like a work of art.

Check out DIY Network to learn more.

Image Source: DIY Network


4. Wine Barrel Hideout

For a canine who belongs to wine connoisseurs, this crafty dog house / hideaway is the coolest way to show your passion for pinot and pooches. Create this masterpiece in 5 simple steps–just make sure to add stoppers on the bottom to keep the barrel from rolling!

Check out RealClear to learn more.

Image Source: RealClear


5. Classic Dog Dwelling

There’s nothing like a classic! This simple house is the perfect way for your pup to get a little shelter and shade — no frills needed!

Check out Lowe’s to learn more.

Image Source: Lowe’s


6. Ranch-Style Setup

This bold-colored building would look stunning on the deck of a similar-style house. But with this miniature version, your pooch can enjoy his own little nook when he wants some quiet time.

Check out Sunset to learn more.

Image Source:
Image Source: Sunset


7. Pooch Pod 

Talk about a conversation piece! This geometric masterpiece is perfect for pup parents who appreciate modern flair. Any sophisticated pooch would love to curl up in this sculptural space. The site’s instructions even include a how-to video.

Check out Home Made Modern to learn more.

Image Source:
Image Source: Home Made Modern


8. Tail-Waggin’ Treehouse 

You may have a hard time keeping the kids out of this nostalgic nook! If Fido enjoys a view from above, this ramped-up dog house will give him a little boost. The raised design also keeps your dog’s den cleaner and drier.

Check out DIY Network to learn more.

Image Source: DIY Network


9. Indoor / Outdoor Hangout

This is a great place to play for a pup who loves fresh air but doesn’t have a fenced in area. Not only can your furry friend smell the roses and watch the butterflies, she can trot inside the sheltered half for a nap or a cool drink of water.

Check out DIY Network to learn more.

Image Source: DIY Network


10. Cozy Canine Nook

Maybe your pooch would prefer to stay inside with you, or it’s simply too hot or  too cold for him to be out. You can still make a space just for him indoors! Consider how you can repurpose old furniture into your pup’s new nook.

Check out some cool ideas on

Image Source:


11. Hole-In-The-Wall

If your dog would love nothing more than an out-of-the-way place for some peace and quiet, consider making her a little “hole-in-the-wall.” Many people have carved out a cozy space under the staircase.

Check out The Rodimels Family Blog to learn more.

Image Source: The Rodimels Family Blog

And If DIY Isn’t Your “Thing”…

If you’re one of those folks who are thinking, “these are cool, but I’m not crafty,” not to worry! We’ve also rounded up a handful of pup palaces that you can purchase on Etsy. (You can still tell your furry friend it was hand-made–it’ll be our little secret.)

For The Pint-Sized Princess:

Image Source: SwanSignature via Etsy
Image Source: SwanSignature via Etsy

For The Modern Mutt:

Image Source: StrongWoodStudio via Etsy

For The Whimsical Woofer

Image Source: MonsterCityStudios via Etsy
Image Source: MonsterCityStudios via Etsy

For The Pup Who’d Love A Sweet Shack:

YourMomSupply via Etsy
Image Source: YourMomSupply via Etsy

For The Cartoonish Canine

Image Source: DesignerDogHouse via Etsy
Image Source: DesignerDogHouse via Etsy

For The Hound Who’d Hang Out In A Tropical Hut

Image Source: DesignerDogSource via Etsy
Image Source: DesignerDogSource via Etsy


For The Pooch Who Appreciates International Travel

Image Source: DesignerDogHouse via Etsy
Image Source: DesignerDogHouse via Etsy

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Written by Karen Tietjen
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