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DIY Dog Training? 4 Reasons to Hire a Professional Instead

With most of the world having access to YouTube, Blogs, SnapChat, and the other million avenues of information available at a dog owners fingertips, at some point a person will (and has) asked “Why shell out the money when I can train my dog myself for free?” A fair question that holds merit; there are some owners who have been blessed with dogs that carry little emotional baggage. On the other hand, there are owners who, with the best intentions, only see the problems on the surface. Correcting a minor annoyance should be a piece of cake; after all, those professional trainers on TV make it look so easy. Unfortunately, all too often, someone who tries to correct a trivial slight may actually be exacerbating a larger underlying issue.


Whether someone grew up surrounded by a pack of dogs, or is residing with their first canine companion; everyone approaches dog ownership with preconceived notions on what life with a dog will be like. Rarely does fantasy match reality. Same approach goes with training. Most trainers have worked with a variety of breeds, ages and temperaments. They will have the knowledge and experience to draw upon, to ensure proper techniques are taught. It also helps to have someone in there to ask questions when they arise.

shutterstock_37286959Cost Effective

While it may be an added expense to hire a trainer; in the long run the owner will actually be saving money. By working with a trainer, teaching a dog proper manners and etiquette, it will save thousands of dollars in vet bills. Dogs that chase cars are less likely to indulge in this dangerous past time when trained by a professional to resist temptation. Likewise dogs that enjoy chewing on things they shouldn’t.  Christmas can be a joyful season once again when not worried about a dog swallowing the ornament he just bit into.

Up to Date

Most professional trainers keep up to date on the latest gadgets, techniques, and groundbreaking studies to make sure they do their job to the best of their ability. Quite often, the reasoning behind becoming a professional, certified dog trainer is purely passion driven. They don’t go into this profession to make money; they do it for the love of dogs. It’s their job to improve the quality of a dog’s life.


When searching for information on the internet, an owner may find fifty different ways to teach a dog to sit and over a hundred theories on why pack leadership being important—or isn’t worth the effort. It can be confusing and overwhelming trying to find information one can agree with, and a training schedule that works for the entire pack. By hiring a professional, an owner should be guaranteed an agenda that works with all members of the family. As well as techniques everyone will agree with.

When hiring a professional, certified dog trainer all cards should be out on the table, there should be no surprises as to how training should be conducted and all parties should be in agreement. Hiring a trainer isn’t a waste of money– it is an investment in the dog’s future.



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Written by Renee Moen
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