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Dog Helps Lead State Trooper To Family’s Rollover Car Crash

Written by: Stephanie Maguire
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| Published on July 20, 2022

There are a number of events that can increase the odds of your dog getting lost. Fireworks, thunderstorms, and being involved in a car crash with your pup in tow top the list. 

But fortunately for one lucky dog, she not only escaped being ejected from her family’s car relatively unscathed, but she also alerted a state trooper to the fact that her family was still in danger. 


The accident occurred on a Sunday evening when a couple and their two dogs, Willow and Bentley, were traveling on Interstate 95 in their SUV. After they had safely merged onto the interstate near Lincoln, Maine, they were rear-ended by a green Rav 4. It turns out that the driver had fallen asleep at the wheel, and that caused him to drift into the lane with the pups and their parents. 

Because of the speeds both vehicles were traveling, this caused both SUVs to roll over several times. The maroon SUV with the couple and their two dogs landed in a ditch, and the Rav 4 landed on its roof in the travel lane. Both of the dogs were ejected from the SUV. 

Car and Bentley

Bentley, their Doberman, ran off into the trees that lined the highway, while Willow ran down the road. Fortunately for the frazzled pup, a state trooper was parked at a crossover nearby and spotted her as she darted down the road and then in front of him. He quickly exited his vehicle and secured Willow safely inside. 


Because Willow was covered in scratches and mud, he assumed she had escaped and gotten lost. But while he was getting ready to alert dispatch, he noticed that there was a man on the side of the freeway who was signaling for help.

 “While notifying dispatch about the dog, he noticed a man on the southbound side of the interstate yelling for help. Trooper Pina activated his lights and went to investigate,” shared Maine State Police in a Facebook post.

Thanks to Willow, Trooper Pina was almost immediately notified of the crash that just occurred, and he was able to get her out of harm’s way. Thank goodness she wasn’t hit by a car!

Family with Bentley

Bently, however, wasn’t so quick to be found. In fact, it required outside assistance to help bring him home. But fortunately for both him and his worried family, it didn’t take long for Lost Dog Recovery to spot him on a trail cam set up near where the crash occurred. He was then picked up by Animal Control, and he, too, was reunited with his family.

The couple is incredibly grateful to have both of their dogs home safe.

Featured Image: Facebook

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