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Is Your Dog Picky About Food? Try This Healthy Trick!

You know the scene, it’s meal time and your pup is excited about what you’re putting into his bowl. You fill it up and his tail is wagging so fast it’s a blur but when you put the dish down right where you always do he takes a few sniffs and turns around uninterested.

Dog picky about food

You’re not feeding your dog old, spoiled food – it’s fresh from the container! Even if you never feed your dog human food, he’s somehow got it in his head that the dog food you thoughtfully picked out is beneath him.

If your dog has no interest in food all of the sudden and isn’t eating at all, take your pup to the vet immediately. But if he’s excited about feeding time yet won’t touch the food until hunger sets in, chances are he’s just a picky eater. Don’t worry, this is common. Fortunately, there is one simple, healthy trick to get your dog to eat his food.

The Easy, Healthy Trick For Any Dog Picky About Food

Here’s the trick: Just add some nutritious food mixers into your pup’s meal and you’ve suddenly made his bowl of food irresistibly delicious! He’ll be devouring his food in no time. This works with both wet and dry food.

There are a wide variety of food mixers out there but the best ones for your dog are going to be the wholesome, one-ingredient meaty options, such as the Project Paws™ Protein Boost Food Mixers, which are 100% raw, freeze-dried meat – the perfect food for Fido!

dog picky about food

Why Raw?

Did the word “Raw” freak you out a bit? It’s understandable as raw chicken and beef are not considered fit for human consumption. However, dogs (and cats) are perfectly capable of consuming raw meat, and when packaged and handled properly it is even better for your pup than cooked meat.

Raw Food Mixers

Project Paws™ Protein Boost Food Mixers are raw, single-ingredient chunks of meat that have gone through a 48-hour freeze-drying process to ensure that the maximum amount of nutrients stays trapped inside each morsel while protecting against pathogens. The result: each meaty bit is a wholesome, nutritious, all-natural flavor bomb for your pup. On top of that, the meat comes from livestock raised on family farms in the USA.

Any dog picky about food is going to love these food mixers! To learn more, check out the following products:

chicken food mixer for the dog picky about food
Project Paws™ Protein Boost Food Mixer – 100% Freeze-Dried Raw Chicken


beef liver food mixer
Project Paws™ Protein Boost Food Mixer – 100% Freeze-Dried Raw Beef Liver


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Written by Sarah Le
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