Dog Stiff As A Statue From Tetanus Is Saved By A Dedicated Veterinarian

A 7-month-old Pitbull Mix named Bunny was facing the challenge of her life when she was brought into her local vet clinic. With being “frozen” in her tracks, her veterinarian knew she had a long road ahead of her.

Bunny was virtually turned to stone by a deadly medical condition called Tetanus. Tetanus is a bacterial infection that causes rigidity of the muscles, often making an animal so stiff that they can no longer stand or open their mouth to eat. Due to this, many dogs succumb to this terrifying illness.

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When Bunny was brought into the vet, she was already so stiff that she could barely move. Because her previous family was unable to offer her the care she needed to fight this infection, her vet stepped in and saved the day.

Dr. Ali Thompson decided to welcome Bunny into her home and offer her the round-the-clock care she needed to survive. With the care for Tetanus involving multiple IV injections a day, syringe feeding, physical therapy, and more, she knew she had her hands full going forward. Thankfully for Bunny, Dr. Thompson refused to give up.

tetanus dog

Bunny’s muscle spasms were so severe that she looked like a real-life statue. Her limbs were completely rigid and straight, and the muscles that framed her face appeared hard as stone. The only way to give bunny the nourishment she needed was through tube and syringe feeding, as her jaw was completely locked.

Just when it seemed like Bunny would be frozen in time forever, she finally began to wag her tail when she saw her hero, Dr. Thompson. It was the small gesture she needed to keep going, and Bunny only improved from then on.

tetanus dog

Within 2 weeks of being in Dr. Thompson’s home, Bunny was finally able to stand. Though her body was still incredibly stiff and unlike that of a normal 7-month-old puppy, she was finally on the way to a full recovery. This loving Pittie was as dedicated to her recovery as her vet was, and had a full rebound in the month that followed.

Once Bunny was back to her normal self, Dr. Thompson knew she was meant to be in her life forever. Bunny was officially adopted in the months that followed her terrifying illness, and now gets to spend her life with the woman who refused to give up on her!

We are so grateful for Dr. Thompson and her persistence with Bunny’s care, and know she will go on to live the life she always deserved! We are so proud of you, Bunny! If you’d like to keep up with her journey, you can follow her Instagram here. 

Image Source: Video Screenshot & Bravelikebunny/Insta

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