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Dog Won’t Eat the Expensive Food You Buy for Him?

Does this paint a familiar picture? It’s meal time and your pooch is excited by the sounds of food filling his bowl. His behind is wiggling in anticipation but when you put the dish down in front of him he sniffs the food and looks up at you mournfully. Your dog won’t eat the pricey food you bought for him even though he is hungry!

Puppy Dog Eyes Dog Wont Eat

You’re offering your pup quality, fresh food – not old, stale food. You may rarely if ever give your pup human food and yet he’s clearly thinking that the food you thoughtfully purchased is not his only option. Outrageous!

If your dog suddenly has no interest in meal time and is avoiding food entirely, take your pup to a veterinarian pronto. However, if he’s doing a happy dance when you prepare his food yet won’t touch it until serious hunger sets in, he’s probably just a picky eater. This is common so don’t worry. In fact, there is one easy and healthy trick to get your pup to chow down.

The Healthy, Simple Trick For When Your Dog Won’t Eat

Here’s the solution: Just dish out some nutritious, delicious food mixers on your dog’s next meal and he’ll gobble up his food happily. This method works with wet and dry food!

It may seem silly to supplement the pricey food you bought for your pup but at least this way he’s enjoying that food and further benefits from a boost of nutrition from the mixers!

There are many types of food mixers available but the best ones for your beloved pup are the wholesome, single-ingredient meaty products, like the Project Paws™ Protein Boost Food Mixers, which are 100% raw, all natural freeze-dried meat. It’s the ideal food for any dog!

dog won't eat expensive food
Picky Winston loves Project Paws™ Protein Boost Food Mixers on his kibble!

Did You Say Raw?

If you’re a bit taken aback by the word “raw,” don’t worry, it’s ok – and no, that wasn’t a typo. It’s understandable that ready to eat raw meat might give us humans the heebie jeebies as raw chicken or beef is certainly not suitable for human consumption. However, dogs (and kitties) are completely capable of eating raw meats. In fact, when handled and packaged with care, raw meat is even better for your pup than cooked meat.

Just take a look at the GIF above showing Winston, one of the beloved pets in the staff family, focused solely on the food mixer and kibble combo over plain kibble.

Winston has refined taste to be sure. He will often leave his high quality gourmet kibble untouched in his bowl all day right up until his pawrents head to bed and he’s sure he won’t be getting any table scraps, which he rarely gets! When he’s presented with kibble plus raw, single-ingredient freeze-dried food mixers he is instantly at his dish eating up his food excitedly.

Raw Food Mixers

Project Paws™ Protein Boost Food Mixers are single-ingredient, raw meat morsels that have been freeze-dried for 48 hours in a USDA certified facility to preserve maximum nutrition within each meaty chunk, while protecting against bacteria. Dogs LOVE the taste – it’s the most wholesome meal flavor enhancer there could be! On top of that, the meat comes from livestock raised on family farms in the USA.

If your dog won’t eat the quality food you lovingly selected for him, don’t worry, he is going to love meal time with the addition of these food mixers!

beef liver food mixer
Project Paws™ Protein Boost Food Mixer – 100% Freeze-Dried Raw Beef Liver


chicken food mixer for the dog picky about food
Project Paws™ Protein Boost Food Mixer – 100% Freeze-Dried Raw Chicken


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Written by Sarah Le
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