Finding Free Peace of Mind Can Help You Save Your Dog’s Life

When your pet gets sick or hurt, the last thing we should worry about is how we’re going to pay for our pet’s procedures. Having to choose between saving the one you love and going into crippling debt can be heartbreaking. Sadly, many pet parents are forced to make financial decisions when they should be concentrating on medical decisions.

But with a solid pet insurance policy in place, worrying over vet care cost won’t be a gut-wrenching issue. As a certified insurance broker, Fursure wants to help you prepare for a rainy day by helping you find the best insurance. The animal lovers at Fursure understand what it feels like to be hit with a furry family member’s serious illness. They also know how overwhelming the cost of care can be.

Vet Care is Expensive

Simba, the cat, was the joy of Fursure co-founder Catherine’s life. He was with her through childhood and into adulthood. She still calls her loved ones Simba, Simbi, and Yimbi because of him. He was the first life Catherine took responsibility for, and his mark on her heart will last forever.

When dear Simba fell ill, diagnosed with lymphosarcoma, Catherine and her family were devastated. Not only was their cherished cat gravely ill, but the $12,000 it would cost for his care was flooring. Before her family could figure out how to proceed, Simba passed away, leaving them heartbroken.

Volunteering at a shelter with Keji, her best buddy from college, both Catherine and Keji heard so many pet parents lamenting the same problem. It was the same one her family faced when it came to Simba’s illness. Outrageously expensive vet bills that became financial issues, distracting them from concentrating on the health of their loved one.

Increasing Veterinary Costs

With the increase of technological innovation in veterinary medicine, more in-depth care is now available thanks to procedures like CT scans, radiation therapy, and chemotherapy. But with rising technology, costs have increased by 73% in the last decade. Cancer treatments start at $6,000 and can easily run $10,000+. An ACL tear can cost $5,400 per knee. Costs have risen to the point where it’s no longer feasible to pay out of pocket, and last year, pet parents spent $30 billion on vet care alone.

Here are some facts to keep in mind when considering pet insurance for your furry family:

  • 40% of dogs get cancer in their lifetimes.
  • 20% of cats get cancer in their lifetimes.
  • Cancer treatments start at $6,000 and can easily run up to $10,000-$15,000+.
  • Common procedures like MRI scans cost $2,000.
  • Torn ligaments, as seen in medium-to-large-sized and active dogs, can be $3,000-8,000 per knee.
  • Removal of swallowed foreign objects, like a sock, or too much sand at the beach, can cost $3,000.
  • Dental work is needed for the vast majority of dogs, and up to 80% of all dogs show symptoms of periodontal disease by age 2.
  • Cats often encounter kidney problems, and vet costs can range between $500-$1,000 on average, but the largest claim made for feline kidney issues was over $40,000.

That’s a lot of unforeseen money to be spent. But knowing you have coverage for an unexpected bill brings enormous relief.

Here’s an example of what pet insurance can do:

You’re faced with a $5,000 vet bill for your 2-year-old mixed-breed dog’s torn ligament. For this $5,000 bill, the insurance company would pay out 90% of the bill, minus your annual deductible ($250), resulting in a payout of $4,250. This is based on a $39.65/month plan with Pets Best (one of 20 providers out there), which is $1/day. Plus, this insurance company pays for rehabilitation costs and physical therapy, which can add up after an accident.

Pet insurance can make all the difference for a family as pet parents shouldn’t be forced to place a monetary value on their pets’ lives.


Catherine and Keji decided they could do something to help pets and their family, both holding strong to the belief that medical decisions should never have to be gut-wrenching financial decisions. Together, they started Fursure to help pet parents navigate the tricky world of pet insurance.

What Fursure Does

Pet insurance has come a long way. In the past, pet insurance companies didn’t cover breed-specific illnesses like hip dysplasia, elbow dysplasia, congenital anomalies, hereditary disorders, or cancer, which made no sense. These are the issues most breeds face a higher likelihood of developing, making them an arguably important piece of coverage.

Now, all the reputable pet insurance companies offer comprehensive coverage for hereditary disorders, congenital diseases, and cancer. Plus, there are pet insurance companies with no annual limits, meaning they have no cap on how much they will reimburse you in a year or in a lifetime. Check this out! The largest claim paid out to a US pet parent last year was $100k. Amazing!

Pet insurance today also means there is no schedule/cap/limit for particular conditions, where there were in the past. Now, reputable companies cover exam fees, dental illnesses like gum disease and gingivitis, offer holistic therapy coverage, and consultations and treatment for behavioral issues. The quality of insurance has truly changed from just a handful of years ago.

People have misconceptions from the past, but pet insurance has vastly improved, and Fursure can help explain it to you in a clear way.

Fursure removes the hassle, does the research legwork for you, and it’s FREE. As licensed brokers for reputable pet insurance companies, you can trust their information and know they will bring you unbiased and up-to-date insurance options. As animal lovers, Catherine and Keji want to help you find the perfect plan for your family. Essentially, Fursure aims to be your voice in the insurance world as they help you prepare for a rainy day in the easiest way possible.

How Fursure Works

After learning pet insurance exists, many pet parents feel overwhelmed, trying to find the best option for their situation. But Fursure will uncomplicate all the jargon and confusing costs with transparent and personalized service, all at no cost to you. So, how does it work?

Step 1 – Visit and sign up! You’ll tell us a little about your pet, details like age, breed, zip code, gender.

Step 2- Next, you’ll choose between scheduling a free 20-minute phone call or getting quotes in 30 seconds.

On a live phone call, you’ll discuss what your pets need most from an insurance policy. Then, Catherine or Keji will recommend the top 2 quotes based on the best price for the policy that fits your budget and concerns. Their research covers 20+ providers and hundreds of plans. Prices vary wildly across providers, so instead of doing hours of research, Fursure does the hunting for you.

Plus, a phone call allows Catherine and Keji to get to know your needs better. For example, you’ll chat about lower deductibles and higher reimbursements as well as no annual limits and dental options. After the call, you’ll receive a report with your top 2 best options, complete with specific details on coverage, exclusions, gotchas to be aware of, and a comparison section, along with links to buy when you’re ready.

If you choose to get your top 2 recommended quotes in less than 30 seconds, you’ll still receive thorough details on both options. Just like the call, you’ll learn why a policy is best for your pet, how the policy reimburses, and the coverage exclusions and gotchas. You can also scroll through the rest of your insurance options too. But if need be, you can talk to Catherine or Keji any time via chat or call to help weigh your options.

Step 3 – Once you’ve made the decision, your fur baby will be covered as soon as you’re ready to sign them up. It’s that easy! 

Don’t Forget, Fursure’s Pet Insurance Advice is FREE to You

Fursure aims to make you feel confident in your pet insurance decisions. Plus, they won’t take any more of your hard-earned money. Catherine and Keji would rather you spend your money on treats and toys for the fur baby.

So, what’s the trick? How does Fursure get paid for such detailed, personalized service? Fursure receives a commission when you choose a policy via the link they provide, simple as that!

Fursure puts the pet parent first and won’t affect your rates. Catherine and Keji fight for the pet owner’s best interest, keeping their services non-biased by presenting policies that are best for the consumer, not the insurance company. Fursure’s goal is to build relationships with all of their customers based on trust.

Thanks to Fursure, you can save yourself from hours of wading through outdated information and ultimately save money by finding the best plan at the best price across providers. Effortlessly compare the different providers and plans to find the coverage that fits your budget, lifestyle, and needs.

Your Privacy Matters to Fursure

Fursure values your privacy and protects your information. Your details are safe with them and never shared with other partners. Instead, you communicate with Fursure regarding options, and they help you move forward. Insurance providers will never hassle you or your inbox because you’ve signed up for this free service.

Pet Parents are Saving Money Thanks to Fursure

When worrying about the expense of pet insurance, consider this. In the event of a major illness or injury, the vet bills will likely cost far more than paying for the cost of pet insurance. Let Caroline tell you…

“Goose (pictured above) got really sick last year, Caroline ended up having $30,000 in costs. She did everything she could for Goose, but Goose ended up passing away. When Caroline adopted Scout (below) in February, she knew she wanted to find the right insurance that would cover expensive vet bills. Her insurance plan has already covered Scout’s two sock swallowing emergencies, urology specialist visits, ultrasound, bloodwork and medication, totaling $2,829.57.” 

Protect your pet and free yourself from financial worry. Visit for expert help in finding the right pet insurance for your family. To find the best plan for you and your pet, schedule a free consultation call with Catherine and Keji to get straightforward advice and feel confident in your insurance choices.

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