Florida Dog Stuck In 40-Foot Sinkhole Cries For Help

Curiosity often gets both people and dogs into difficult situations. And sometimes, we just don’t look where we’re going when we’re on an adventure. These things are what caused an increase in sinkhole rescues in Florida. Only a day after rescuing a couple from a sinkhole, a dog was found in a sinkhole in the same area. Both sinkholes were about 40 feet deep, so rescuing the victims was tricky. But the Golden Retriever mix named Sammy howled for help as his family stood at the top of the sinkhole in fear. Rescue officials knew they had to help bring this sweet dog home.

Dog trapped in sinkhole
Image: Jessi Howe Facebook

Sinkhole Rescues

First, a man and woman who were riding an ATV in the woods fell into a 40-foot sinkhole. That sinkhole had water in it, which means they had to swim as they waited for help to arrive. They were rescued from the sinkhole with only minor injuries. Officials thought that would be the end of their sinkhole rescue, but the following day had more surprises.

Alachua County Fire Rescue was alerted by a family that their dog had fallen into a sinkhole in the same area. The sinkhole had developed after heavy rains affected the ground’s stability. Poor Sammy didn’t understand what was happening though.

The firefighters rushed to the scene with ropes, ladders, and some bacon treats. All of which were essential for completing the rescue mission.

Sinkhole rescue
Image: @AlchuaCounty/Facebook

An Incredible Rescue

Rescuing Sammy from the sinkhole was no easy task. The crew filmed the process as Lt. Brian Ferguson climbed down the hole. He used two ladders during the rescue. The first one allowed him to climb down to an area that was more solid and not as steep. Then, he carried the second one all the way to the bottom so he could make the final descent toward Sammy.

Lt. Ferguson used the bacon to help gain Sammy’s trust once he reached the bottom of the sinkhole. Sammy seemed to be between 60 and 80 pounds, so carrying him would be difficult. Before climbing up, Lt. Ferguson put a muzzle on the pup to help keep both of them safe.

Then, he climbed up the ladder with the large dog held tightly in his arms. He kept his balance the whole way, and when he got to the top, he let the dog go. The video captured the moment Sammy ran off to his family with joy. Luckily, the pup has no injuries from this event.

Dog rescued from sinkhole
Image: @AlchuaCounty/Facebook

“Although a bit nervous, Sammy was removed without injury and is now happy and home with his family,” Alachua County Fire Rescue said.

Watch the Rescue Video Here:


H/T: orlandosentinel.com
Featured Image: Screenshot, @AlachuaCounty/Facebook

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