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Former Military Working Dog Enjoys Finding Lost Pets In His Retirement

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Contract Working Dog (CWD) Charlie is one of the brightest working dogs Mission K9 Rescue has returned to the United States through funding from’s Pets & Vets program.

His specialty is explosives detection. Charlie searched for explosives hidden in international cargo and baggage in Kuwait. His skills saved lives, and he was among the favorites of all the handlers that worked with him. Yes, Charlie is a superstar and since arriving back on United States soil, he has learned a new skill that has elevated his status even higher.

Charlie and Saida / Image Source: Greater Good


At Mission K9 Rescue’s, “Veteran K9 Rescue Ranch” Charlie delighted everyone with his skills as well as various tricks he had learned over the years. He still wanted a job, and that was evident. You could see that he was bored at the kennel. He still had a purpose and the drive to fulfill it.

Charlie was not an easy dog to adopt. He had loads of drive and was constantly in action. Mission K9 considered over 100 applicants before choosing his forever home. Mission K9 Rescue met adopters Cynthia and Jessica, her granddaughter, some years ago when they were kind enough to transport several dogs for Mission K9. They were looking for a CWD that wanted to be spoiled on a sofa but still have some energy to help the local community find lost pets. Along with Charlie, they adopted Saida, another Shepherd.

The rescue happily adopted the pups to them. Since she got them, Jessica has been teaching the pair how to utilize their incredible scent capabilities to smell an item that belongs to a lost pet and search to find them. Then, the work paid off.

Image Source: Greater Good


The little Maltese in the picture is Benny, and he is blind. He went missing, and Jessica and Charlie were on the case! Charlie sniffed an item of Benny’s, went searching and found him!

Charlie led the search party to a dock where little Benny must have entered the water. They then spotted Benny in the pond sitting in some Lilly pads. Because of the Charlie, Benny is now home with his family safe and sound!

Image Source: Greater Good

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Written by Karen Tietjen
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