Freeway Is Shut Down To Save Runaway Rescue Dog

It was supposed to just be a normal drop-off day for the Community Animal Welfare Society (CAWS). They transported 68 dogs away from kill shelters to the VCA All Pet Animal Hospital in Taylorsville, Utah.

Many of the dogs were excited to meet their foster parents at this location, but one dog in particular didn’t seem so sure. As soon as she had the chance, she took off running.

At first, the staff with CAWS struggled to get the dog out of her kennel. She was very scared and not ready to trust humans just yet. So she ran as far away from them as she could.

“Once she started running, she was dead set on getting out of here,” said Sara Buyers with CAWS.

Buyers was among a group of 15 people that chased after the runaway Chihuahua mix. They followed her through the parking lot and behind buildings, but they couldn’t seem to catch up. Before they knew it, the little dog was running on the I-215 ramp toward the freeway.

Image: @CAWS.ORG/Facebook

Loose on the Freeway

Utah Highway Patrol received lots of concerned calls at the sight of a dog on the freeway. The road was icy in some areas, so it was extra dangerous for the poor little pup. 

The troopers realized that in order to save this dog, they needed to close the freeway. They did a slowdown, which is where they weave their way in front of the traffic. Once the road was clear, Sergeant Mary Kaye Lucas drove the wrong way down the road to reach the dog.

The dog was found cornered near a sound wall, but it was clear that she was too terrified to trust the troopers. Lucas knew she could save the dog though. She just had to gain her trust.

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“Poor dog. I think she was exhausted and scared by the time we got to her,” Lucas said.

Lucas approached the dog with two simple items: a blanket and a leash. She carefully put the leash on the dog to ensure that she couldn’t run off again. Then, Lucas scooped her up in the blanket for comfort. To her surprise, the dog relaxed almost right away.

The CAWS staff members were so relieved to see that the runaway dog was safe and sound. They couldn’t believe that the highway patrol had gone to such lengths to save her. They truly went above and beyond.

Now, this dog is looking for her forever home. Buyers mentioned that she thinks her name should either be Freeway or Bolt due to her crazy adventure. If you’re interested in adopting this adventurous pup, please contact CAWS.

Image: @CAWS.ORG/Facebook


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