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Full Glasses & Full Bellies: The Perfect Pairing for Every Dog & Wine Lover

Feed Dogs. Drink Wine.

Is there anything more relaxing than cozying up to your pup? How about a snuggle while you sip on hand-selected exclusive wine that helps feed shelter dogs in need? Now that is a pairing we can all get behind!

iHeartsDogs is bubbling with warm fuzzies over our latest collaboration with Winc, the only service that will deliver delicious wines right to your door and feed shelter dogs at the same time. Winc is now offering The Rescue Pack and it blows the cork off all other other wine packs.

What’s the Buzz All About?

The Winc sommeliers have specially chosen three distinct wines for those who enjoy wine and dogs in equal measure: 2018 Più Gioia Pinot Grigio, 2017 Matchlock Cabernet Sauvignon, and 2017 Les Bobos Grenache.

In addition to one bottle each of those premium wines, The Rescue Pack includes two of our poolside, patio, and tail wagging-friendly dog themed acrylic wine glasses, and an “Every Dog Matters” rescue magnet.

Best of all? Every single purchase of The Rescue Pack from Winc feeds at least 10 shelter dogs in need! It’s the mother of all wine packs for every dog mama.

Make Your Wine Drinking Make a Difference!

Feel great about the wine you’re drinking by giving back to dogs in need. Make this one-time pack purchase and help feed 10 shelter dogs!

Or, upgrade to a regular membership and feed up to 25 dogs in need. Winc will even give you $20 off to do so!

Keep the Wine Coming

If you love wine but find yourself head scratching in the wine aisle, the Winc Wine Club is what you need. They have a smart system that learns what you like so they can deliver you wines suited to your tastes month after month.

Here’s how it works.

  1. Answer 6 questions to help Winc assess your unique tastes.

  2. Winc sends you wines specifically chosen to match your palate.

  3. Rate your wines to get better recommendations.

Upgrade your Rescue Pack to a membership and 2 awesome things happen. Your order will feed up to 25 shelter dogs in need and you will save $20. Cheers to that!

Full Bellies. Full Glasses. Fun Nicknames.

It’s easy to see why we are butt wiggling over this pairing for every dog and wine lover. Keeping hungry bellies and wine glasses full is a combination we can all get bubbly about. Check out members of the iHeartDogs team sharing wine and silly nicknames for their pups and don’t forget to share your pup’s nicknames in the comments!

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Written by Kristen Cudd
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