13 Gifts For Every Dachshund Lover In Your Life

‘Tis the season for scrambling to find the perfect gifts. On the bright side, you know exactly what to get the Doxie lovers on your list. Dachshunds have happy personalities that are the perfect remedy for any rainy day. Those who have a Dachshund (or two or three) always appreciate gifts that show off their favorite breed.

Whether you have a friend who’s obsessed with Doxies or your entire family has been captivated by long bodies and puppy dog eyes, make shopping easy this year.

These gift ideas will be perfect for every Doxie lover in your life.

1. Black Dachsund Print Socks, $6.99. Jack Frost will try to nip at their toes, but these Doxie socks are as warm as they are adorable.


2. Dachshund Holiday Ceramic Circle Ornament, $9.99. Deck the halls with Doxie decorations and encourage your friend’s obsession with a little something special for their Christmas tree.

3. Sip Coffee & Pet My Dachshund Premium Tee, $24.99 – $27.99. The best part of the morning – sipping coffee and petting your dachshund!

4. Dachshund Stretch 15oz. Mug, $14.99. Help the Doxie lover on your list start their mornings off right with a mug featuring their favorite breed.


5. This Girl Loves Her Dachshund Slouchy Tee, $24.99 – $27.99. Keep your hands free to hold your doxie.

6. I Have Plans Dachshund Fitted T-Shirt Hoodie, $27.99 – $28.99. Before anyone even asks, let them know you’re totally booked.

7. Sherpa Women’s Wiener Dog Slippers $9.49-$29.99. Winter is never too cold when you have a dog on your lap and these slippers on your feet.

8. Dachshund USA Ceramic Star Ornament, $9.99. Dogs and country, what more do you need?

9. Dachshund Scarf, $14.95. This scarf might promote impossible body standards, but it’s too adorable to pass up.

10.  Vintage Dachshund USA, $22.99-$24.99. The only thing this tee is missing is a healthy coating of dog hair.

11. Decorative Embroidered Pillow, $17.66. Nothing cures a long day like Doxie cuddles and a perfectly appropriate pillow.

12. Blue Dachshund Print Scarf, $11.99. You can wrap this around your neck like your Doxie has you wrapped around his paw!

13. Dachshund Christmas Premium Long Sleeve Tee, $24.99 – $26.99

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