Happy Dog Puts Her Paws Up To The Sky–Because She Got Adopted!

Talk about a happy dance!

Coso is an energetic and fun-loving 7-year-old Australian Kelpie / Stafforshire Bull Terrier mix.

When her former owners surrendered her, she waited a long time at a shelter, but no one wanted to take her home. She was transferred to the Lort Smith Organization’s Adoption Centre in North Melbourne, Australia, in hopes of having a better chance at finding a home…

And she hit the jackpot! After just a couple days, Coso met with a boy and his mom, and they fell in love with her.

Lort Smith

As part working-dog breed, this sweet mutt loves to stay busy, and she and the boy will be perfect playmates for each other. She also enjoys quiet time, and will love cuddling on the couch with her new humans.

“It was love at first sight for the mum and boy. We know Coso has found a life-long friend in this young man,” a staff member at Lort Smith told iHeartDogs.

The match was so perfect, Coso couldn’t contain her overflowing excitement, and did her happy dance!

“Coso is a very clever girl and had done the ‘paws up in the air dance’ before, but we were thrilled she decided to do it for the camera!” they told us.

Happy Dog
Lort Smith via Facebook

The photo is filled with such pure joy, it’s not wonder it’s been received over 36,000 likes on Facebook, and shared thousands of times!

We wish the best of luck to this beautiful, happy family. It just goes to show that it doesn’t take much to be a dog’s ultimate hero–all you have to do is love them!

Lort Smith is a nonprofit organization that runs an animal hospital and shelter to help furry friends who are in desperate need, and depend on the kindness of donators! To help support this wonderful cause for beautiful souls like Coso, visit the Lort Smith Donation page.

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