Here Are 6 Reasons Why Your Dog Could “Santa” Better Than St. Nic Himself!

We love Santa and we love our dog. Did you ever consider that your dog could out-santa Santa himself? Here’s why!

 1. Your dog already has a fur lined coat.

Your dog is pretty well equipped for the holiday season. He has his fur coat on and looks spiffy. Mrs. Claus wouldn’t even have to iron it, in fact, he would prefer if she did not.

 2. Your dog is, by nature, happy and jolly.

Dogs have joy in their hearts every day and not just one day a year. They greet even the coldest morning with a wag and a bound. Being outside with you is FUN. Being inside with you…FUN! They love children, presents, stockings, and cookies.shutterstock_113923894

 3. She sees you when you’re eating. She knows if you have snacks.

(insert music here) Yep, your dog puts Santa’s spy capabilities to shame. She does not need an Elf on the Shelf ™to tell her what you are up to, even if her interests do seem to lie more on the culinary side of things.

4. Your dog is the best secret keeper ever.

If your dog was Santa, no one would ever know.  His lips are sealed. No amount of bribery or tickling can make your dog tell a secret, not ever.

 5. Keeping the reindeer moving comes naturally to a dog.

She won’t need to crack a whip. In fact, she would delight in herding those reindeer right down Santa Claus Lane.shutterstock_224039086

6. Should naughtiness necessitate lumps of coal, your dog has an endless supply of lumps

…they are not technically coal, but waste not, want not and his point is well made.

So you can see that dogs are the perfect holiday companion. Do not underestimate your dog’s ability to make things merry and bright. Hang your stocking and say your prayers and hug your dog tonight!
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