Hero Veteran Is Matched With Life-Changing Service Dog Thanks To YOUR Purchases!


iHeartDogs has teamed up with to help fund the efforts of their Pets & Vets Signature Program. This important initiative works with groups around the country to support, sustain, and develop services to improve the lives of veterans, their families, and their pets.

Among those helped are brave veterans like Marine LCpl Christopher “Chris” Pleis and his remarkable Yellow Lab, Dixie.

Pleis is from Texas. He was in the Infantry and served two tours in Iraq. Chris suffers from problems with his ankles, knees, back, and shoulders. He has also been diagnosed with PTSD, including anxiety issues and difficulty being in crowds.

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Dixie was thoroughly trained by Patriot Paws Service Dogs (PPSD). She, and the many other amazing dogs like her, serve veterans who have mobility issues, Traumatic Brain Injuries, and Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, among other disabilities. They assist with balance, retrieving items (keys, cell phones, clothing), opening/closing doors (including refrigerator doors), and gently waking veterans up from night terrors.

In the short time he has had Dixie, Chris has come to realize he is now better able to deal with his PTSD.

“Because of Dixie, I don’t really feel uncomfortable going places I normally would have been uncomfortable going,” Chris stated.

But Dixie is far more than just a tool to help this hero veteran through the day. She is also his friend, confidant and trusted companion.

Every time you purchase an item from the iHeartDogs Pets for Vets collection, you help pair veterans like Chris with life-altering dogs like Dixie.

Thank you for helping to make this success story, and so many more like it, a reality!

If You Purchased Any of the Items Below, Thank You for Making This Success Story Possible! All Items Shown are Still Available and Will Fund Future Pets for Vets Donations!


Written by Dina Fantegrossi
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