Heroic Dog Trainer Spends Final Moments Rescuing Dogs From Fire

Gary Majors, a beloved dog trainer in Detroit, recently died a hero. His home unexpectedly caught on fire, but he didn’t put his own safety first. Eleven dogs were in the house during the fire, so he faced the flames to save their lives. Even though people tried to save him, he refused to escape without all his furry friends.

Thanks to the dog trainer’s determination, most of the dogs were saved. But sadly, he didn’t make it out alive. His love for dogs is a quality all dog trainers should have, and he will be missed terribly by everyone who knew him.

Gary Majors holding French Bulldog

Facing the Flames

Firefighters received a call about the house fire at around midnight on a Monday morning. Majors’ friends and family gathered around to help, but there was no way to get the dog trainer to leave without his four-legged family members. Smoke poured out the second-story windows, but Majors kept trying to locate all the dogs.

“He was trying to get his dogs up out the house – running in and out trying to put the fire out with the fire extinguisher,” said Kenneth Young. “I guess the smoke must have got him, but he was trying to save his dogs.”

Detroit house fire

Majors saved eight dogs from the fire, including two of his French Bulldogs and a client’s American Bulldog. But sadly, at least two Frenchies died in the fire with Majors. His body was burned beyond recognition. It’s unclear where the last dog is, but it’s possible that they ran away or died.

Honoring a Hero

Everyone knew Majors as a dog lover and a kind-hearted man. Not only was he a trainer for clients, but he also trained his dogs to compete in shows and competitions. His dogs knew all sorts of unique tricks, including riding skateboards.

Gary Majors dog trainer

“He loved his dogs,” Young said. “Those dogs were like his kids, precious joy to him.”

His cousin, DeAundre Banks, also discussed how family was very important to Majors. Majors had a three-wheeled Vanderhall that Banks’ daughter loved to ride in. She would get excited every time she saw the vehicle drive by. It’s clear that everyone in his life will miss him very much.

Gary Majors Saves Dogs from Fire

Majors’ friends and family think that a space heater caused the fire, but firefighters have yet to confirm the cause. The fire department is still investigating the details of the situation.

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