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How Much Exercise Does My Specific Dog Breed Need?


A common question we get from almost every fur parent is – “how much exercise does my dog need”? Every breed is completely different and has it’s own needs. On top of that, lack of exercise can manifest itself in obviously ways like obesity and health issues and in non obvious ways like canine anxiety and property destruction (chewing, etc.)

The biggest challenge we have seen from many is that their breed requires a lot more exercise than they ever realized. We see it happen a lot with rescued dogs who are mixed breed and all their breed qualities are not known. This could be further complicated by schedules, commitments and locations.

BUT GREAT NEWS 🙂 We partnered with Wag! Dog Walking to help on many fronts.

1. We built an exercise calculator so you know how much exercise your dog needs. You can check it out below:

2. Wag’s dog walking service is safe, top notch and has tremendous positive feedback. They are offering iHeartDog readers a FREE walk PLUS they are donating a FREE walk to a shelter dog – all for just trying the service!!

Our goal is to help create healthier pups AND walk 1,000,000 shelter dogs in the next 12 months. 

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Written by Marshall Morris
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