How This Bracelet Funded 200,000 Miles of Transportation to Help Dogs Escape Death Row…

Shelter dogs have now been saved from death row because this simple bracelet did something incredible…

As many of you know, iHeartDogs has a passion and purpose around supporting shelter and rescue dogs in need. Many of these homeless pups come from life threatening situations and suffer abuse, malnourishment, and injury. Most…have been simply forgotten.

Many of these innocent pets are on death row and would have been put to sleep in just a few days if they were not rescued. Plenty of shelters throughout America have more demand for pets than they have animals, yet in other parts of the country there are shelters overrun with animals and not enough funding to keep them alive.

We believe these animals deserve a second chance!

We’ve partnered with to donate travel miles for every product in the Second Chance Movement collection to charities that facilitate the transportation of adoptable pets from areas of low-demand to areas of high-demand.

We had no idea what would happen next…

Dog lovers all over the world jumped on board. Turns out – many dog lovers had the same passion and purpose that we did. People were buying them for themselves, for friends, and as gifts for other dog lovers, saving thousands of dogs in need.

To date, this bracelet alone has provided an unbelievable 218,471 provided travel miles that contribute to the transportation of animals from overcrowded shelters to areas where there is high demand for pets! 

Shop This Impactful Paracord Bracelet & More

Since launching, we’ve designed many other additional designs that are perfect for the dog lover who wants to make an impact in the lives of all those homeless dogs in need. All of the items below are still available for purchase. View entire Second Chance Movement™ collection, and help dogs get their flight to freedom!


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