How This Delicious Meal Topper Can Improve Your Dog’s Heart

Did you know that you can improve your dog’s cardiovascular health without changing their food? Many dogs suffer from heart problems, and a big part of that is what they eat. So, we have created a new dog food topper to improve your dog’s heart health without the hassle of completely changing their diet.

Happy, Healthy™️ Topper is a superfood blend you can pour right on top of your dog’s kibble. Dry dog food doesn’t always have all the essential nutrients pups need. This topper can enhance any meal, making it healthier while improving your dog’s cardiovascular health.

Common Reasons Dogs Suffer from Heart Diseases

Unfortunately, heart conditions are fairly common and very serious for dogs. According to Dr. Ruth MacPete at Pet Health Network, “it is estimated that 7.8 million dogs in the United States have heart disease. That means approximately 10% of all dogs in the United States have heart disease.” So cardiovascular health for you dog should not be taken lightly. 

According to, these are some of the most common heart problems for dogs:

  • Congestive Heart Failure is when a dog’s heart can no longer function properly. This is extremely serious, especially for older dogs.
  • Heart Murmurs happen when the normal beating of the heart becomes confused and not consistent. It’s more common for younger dogs. 
  • Arrhythmia is a periodic irregularity in your dog’s heartbeats. It can usually be fixed through medication.
  • Heart Valve Disease is when the valves of your dog’s heart become damaged, preventing the heart from operating correctly. 

All of the above are dangerous health problems that should be taken very seriously, along with any other problems related to your dog’s heart. Coughing, resisting exercise, or passing out could all be signs of a cardiovascular problem.

If your dog appears to have any of these symptoms, have the vet check it out right away. Heart diseases can be difficult to spot, so it is always better to be safe than sorry if you witness unusual symptoms.

Some diseases of the heart are present at birth, but most are acquired in one way or another. Oftentimes, it’s just caused by wear and tear of the heart muscles and valves over time. Also, infections and other health problems can lead to issues with your dog’s cardiovascular health.

Watching your dog’s weight closely, giving him proper exercise, and feeding a high-quality food are all ways to lower his risk of heart problems. Serve Happy, Healthy™️ Topper to improve cardiovascular health without having to change your dog’s food.

How Can Happy, Healthy Topper™ Benefit Cardiovascular Health?

Happy, Healthy™️ Topper is packed with nutrient-rich superfoods that help keep your dog’s heart healthy. Kale and carrots are two of these important ingredients. Both are known to lower the risk of heart disease. The topper also includes blueberries, which can lower LDL cholesterol and blood pressure, and salmon oil which benefits heart health as well as promotes healthy skin and joints.

Are you ready to give Happy, Healthy™️ Topper a try? If you order today, you can get 33% off! Plus, every bag sold provides 7 healthy meals for shelter dogs in need.

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