Woman’s Without Words As Pit Bull Goes Nose To Nose With Baby Bird

A Pit Bull named Hugo was abandoned in a public restroom. The poor boy had been left, along with his siblings, by a cruel owner. While Hugo’s litter mates were healthy, Hugo was not. When he was found, his legs were so badly bent that they had to be taped together in order for him to slither around.

After his rescue, Hugo went to live with a medical foster who promised she’d do her best to care for him.

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A few days later, Hugo began to have seizures. He went to the vet clinic and the doctor discovered he had spinal inflammation. Hugo was also diagnosed with a form of dwarfism, neurological issues, and immune deficiencies. The vet suspected he’d have a shorter life. The poor pup was dealt an unfair hand, but that didn’t mean he had to have an unhappy future even if his days were numbered.

Screenshot via YouTube

His medical foster worked with Hugo, along with his doctor, to get the pup as healthy as possible. Despite his challenges and his past, this Pittie had so much love in his heart. He especially had a weakness for the baby birds his foster mom brought home! Their interaction is too precious to miss! Hugo’s tale is a lesson to us all… the most incredible warriors can walk into our lives at any moment, crooked legs and all!

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