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If Your Dog Has Allergies, This Is Probably The Only Kind of Treats You Should Be Giving

Written by: Justin Palmer
Justin Palmer is a Certified Pet Food Nutrition Specialist and co-founder of Inspired by his rescued husky, Splash, he dedicated himself to learning about extending both the length and quality of her life. Splash lived and thrived until 18 years old, and now Justin is on a mission to share what he learned with other dog owners.Read more
| Published on November 22, 2017

If your dog suffers from allergies, you know how frustrating it can be to manage their diet and environment. Oftentimes, we don’t know exactly what ingredient causes the reaction. As a result, limited ingredients foods & treats have become all the rage these days with both careful pet parents and veterinarians.

However, even limited ingredient foods & treats can be problematic. If your dog reacts, you still don’t know which ingredient caused the problem.

Why “Single Ingredient” Treats Are The Best Choice for Dogs with Allergies

When you feed your dog a single ingredient product, you’ll be able to better detect allergic reactions and isolate problematic ingredients.

The problem is that most dog treats are packed with filler ingredients such as wheat/gluten, corn, and soy, or questionable proteins and preservatives.

Because of the high protein quality, many pet parents also use single ingredient meat treats as food toppers as a way of adding protein to their dog’s existing kibble diet. (most dry dog food’s have a shockingly low amount of protein compared to starch)

We Hated What Was Out There, So We Made Our Own

Our frustration with our own experiences with dog treats led us to develop a line of single ingredient, gently freeze dried meat treats. In addition to containing only a single ingredient protein, our treats pack a raw nutritional punch by not cooking vital nutrients out of the meat. And like all our Project Paws ® products, each purchase funds healthy meals for shelter dogs!

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