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Joplin Humane Society Gets New And Improved Play Yard Thanks To Your Help!

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Animal shelters know the key to keeping their dogs happy is to give them plenty of play time. Joplin Humane Society had play areas for their dogs, but the hot Missouri sun made it difficult for the dogs to be outside when summer temperatures can exceed 100 degrees. They were in need of a solution, and Rescue Rebuild in partnership with Mars Inc. traveled to Joplin to lend a hand.

Image Courtesy of Joplin Humane Society


The first step to getting shelter dogs outside was to install sun shades over the length of the pens to give the babies a break from the sun while playing. When that was finished, it was decided that no dog yard could be complete without something to play on. Rescue Rebuild volunteers solved that problem by building the pups a brand new set of agility steps.

While the outside renovation continued, the group tackled another project the shelter had been trying to accomplish for years. They grabbed brushes and rollers and gave the inside of the building a fresh coat of paint. They made immediate improvements to both the look and functionality of the shelter, and they didn’t stop there.

Resourceful volunteers came up with an idea to use several logs from fallen trees to benefit both the shelter dogs and the people who came to visit them. They transformed the stumps into beautifully crafted bone-shaped benches.

Image Courtesy of Joplin Humane Society


With a little ingenuity and dedication, Rescue Rebuild and the team at Joplin Humane Society learned they can accomplish anything. The staff has a much more inviting and beautiful shelter on the inside while the dogs have a new shaded play area on the outside. It looks like everyone turned out a winner on this project!

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Written by Amber King
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