Judge Lays Down The Hammer On Woman Who Forced Her Dog To Live In Filth

This judge is known for giving sentences that are rather creative.

Judge Michael A. Cicconetti of the Painesville Municipal Court in Ohio thought that an accused pet owner should get a taste of her own medicine. Her dog had been forced to live in disgustingly dirty conditions, so Judge Cicconetti figured the best way to punish her was for her to suffer the way her poor pup had: by spending some quality time in a rotten, reeking garbage dump.

We hope this woman knows she’s getting off easy, because her sentence is only eight hours long. But hopefully, it’ll be long enough for her to reflect on her neglectful actions.

Listen to the no-mercy judge in the clip below:


You know I can’t interpret the feelings of a dog, but boy if dogs could tell you how they felt–


Oh yeah, and scared and frightened and sick. Maybe you should get a little taste of that, but I’m going to let you have a choice here, and the choice is I want you to live like [the dog did] and in order to do that I want you to go down to the county dump, to the landfill, and I want them to find the stinkiest, smelliest, God-awful odor place they can find in that dump and I want you to sit there for eight hours tomorrow, to think about what you did to that dog while you smell the odor. If you puke, you puke.

“If you puke, you puke.” Ah, the words of justice!

Judge Cicconetti, can we have you sentence all animal abusers, please?

(Feature image courtesy of ABC News Nightline.)

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