Kabo Review: Canada’s New Fresh Dog Food Delivery Brand

Since the COVID-19 pandemic outbreak, fresh dog food delivery in Canada has grown dramatically over the past few months. As more Canadians embrace online pet food purchases, we have partnered with Kabo, Canada’s largest fresh dog food delivery network. Kabo takes creating healthy dog food very seriously and answers the most common questions about ordering your dog food online.

So, why is Kabo Fresh Dog Food the best choice for your dog?

It’s Made with the Highest Quality Ingredients from Canada

Every ingredient in Kabo Fresh Dog Food diets have a nutritional benefit for your dog. They currently offer gently cooked homemade dog food with a savory beef recipe and a tender chicken recipe. Additionally, you can get a variety pack that includes both of them if you can’t decide. All ingredients are sourced locally from farms in Ontario, Alberta, and British Columbia to get the freshest meat and produce.

Did you know?: The beef recipe is an excellent source of protein and rich in iron, zinc, and vitamins B12 and B6.

It Features Customized Meals

Kabo takes your dog’s age, weight, breed, and activity level into consideration to help you decide on the meal plan best suited for your dog. The meals are pre-portioned specifically for your dog to avoid overfeeding, which is the best way to prevent obesity for your furry friend. Kabo offers a variety of dog food options, including their dry shelf stable Fresh Kibble.

Recipes Are Created by a Veterinary Toxicologist

Kabo has an expert pet nutrition scientist with a background in veterinary toxicology and canine nutrition to formulate healthy and safe dog food that you can trust. You can even ask her questions if needed.

This brand focuses on making recipes that are both well-balanced and delicious for your dog. They never use any harmful fillers, chemicals, or artificial flavors and colors.

It Ships Right to Your Door Through Contactless Delivery

Kabo delivers the food right to your door, so you’ll never have to run to the store again. Considering the rising coronavirus cases from Québec to British Columbia, opting for dog food delivery might be a safe bet this year. You can adjust your delivery frequency from every 2 weeks to every 2 months. Their customer care team and website make it easy for you to adjust your deliveries to ensure that you never run out.

Kabo currently ships to all of Ontario, British Columbia, Québec, Alberta, Manitoba, Saskatchewan, and Halifax. Plus, shipping is free!

Their Reviews Are Stellar

Kabo Dog Food Reviews are nothing short of impressive. So, we’ve highlighted a couple from TrustPilot below:

Kabo Review 1

Kabo Review 2

Your dog deserves a personalized meal that perfectly caters to their needs. With Kabo, that can become a reality. If you believe your dog deserves a tastier, healthier, and more convenient dog food, then consider switching to Kabo!

As part of our review, we’d like to offer our Canadian readers 50% OFF their first box.

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