Lost Dog Who Jumped Out Car Window Found 600 Miles Away

Tim Whitfield’s 90-year-old mom was devastated after her dog of 16 years passed away. So, he gave her a little black pup named Belle to help cheer her up. He knew Belle would make his mom happy, but he ran into complications. One day, on a highway in Charleston, South Carolina, Belle jumped out the window of a car and ran off. The elderly woman was heartbroken once again. However, Whitfield refused to give up. He wanted to see his mother smile, so he actively searched for the lost puppy. He made Facebook posts and offered a $2,000 reward. Soon, all of his hard work paid off when he received exciting news about Belle.

Small Black Puppy
Image: @deanstephensabcnews4/Facebook

Belle’s Journey

Whitfield spent a lot of time posting on Facebook for help with the search. He was pleasantly surprised by the number of people that were willing to help him bring Belle home. In the end, his many posts are what ultimately brought the puppy back to his mom.

“Never in my life would I have expected such an outpouring of love, care, and concern! Mom is dealing with this, but still heartbroken… please pray for her,” Whitfield wrote on Facebook.

Dog Eating Puppuccino
Image: @deanstephensabcnews4/Facebook

After about two weeks of searching, Belle was finally found, but she was 600 miles away in Miami, Florida! A family that had been driving from Charleston to Miami spotted Belle running on the highway. The kind strangers stopped and brought her with them to save her from getting hit by a car. Then, they later saw the social media posts and contacted Whitfield. He was overjoyed by this miracle, and he knew his mom would be even more excited.

Belle Comes Home and Brings Happiness

Belle was brought home to her 90-year-old mother as quickly as possible. Whitfield was excited to share the heartwarming interactions between the two. He shared pictures of the reunion on Facebook, and his mom looks so happy to have the loving puppy by her side. Belle also looks very relaxed in her new home.

Elderly Woman and Black Puppy
Image: Tim Whitfield Facebook

“This is an absolute miracle! A great reminder that when all seems lost, hope must be the constant thought,” Whitfield wrote. “I will never, ever be able to thank each of you enough for your loving care, from people I’ve never met to the best of friends, for your endearing love and prayers!”

This story proves that it’s important to never give up hope, especially when it comes to a lost dog. Whitfield was lucky that a kind family found Belle, and thankfully, there are lots of other dog lovers in this world that are willing to help. Belle’s return truly is a miracle, but it wouldn’t have been possible without the support of others.

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Featured Image: @deanstephensabcnews4/Facebook

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