Lost Spaniel Found At Scrapyard Just In Time For The Holidays

The holidays are stressful enough without having to search for a lost dog. But Christmas is about family, and dogs are such important family members in our homes. Thus, when a family in England lost their Sprocker Spaniel (Cocker Spaniel and English Springer Spaniel mix) named Bear, they wouldn’t rest until he was found.

To help bring Bear home, they created a Facebook group with thousands of helpful followers. It took nine days of endless searching, but eventually Bear was located. He showed up in one of the most peculiar places.

Spaniel wearing bowtie
Image: Amber Ray Hadcroft Facebook

Dog Lovers Unite

Bear went missing on December 5th when he and his family were at Judy Woods in Bradford. He got loose during their walk, and he soon disappeared from sight. His humans, Chris Craven and Michelle Hadcroft, searched day and night to find him. They barely got any sleep while he was away.

Hadcroft created a group on Facebook called “Help Find Bear – Missing Sprocker Spaniel.” Over 7,700 members of the community joined the page to help the family search for the lost dog. Members shared potential Bear sightings while the family posted updates on the search.

Sprocker Spaniel home
Image: Michelle Hadcroft Facebook

“We didn’t sleep for the nine days he was missing. It was a nightmare nine days,” said Craven.

On the ninth day, Bear was found hiding under a car at a local scrapyard. An employee heard him crying from his hiding spot, and he seemed very hungry when he was found. The news was a Christmas miracle for Bear’s family.

Lost spaniel safe
Image: Suzanne Jane Facebook

Bringing Bear Home

As soon as Craven and Hadcroft got the news, they rushed to pick Bear up. They took him to a local vet where he was found to be healthy other than losing about four pounds. Sadly, it’s likely that he ate very little during his time alone. So, his humans will be sure to spoil him even more than before.

“It’s a relief now that he is home,” said Craven. “Our kids are absolutely overjoyed by it. Christmas is complete now.”

Lost Spaniel Returned Home
Image: Michelle Hadcroft Facebook

The couple also extended their gratitude toward the members of the Facebook group. They explained that the rescue was a team effort, and they couldn’t have done it without the support of the community.

Now, the Facebook group is being used to help other lost dogs find their way home. Many people have shared photos of local pets in need of a Christmas miracle. After all, every dog deserves to be in a loving home for the holidays.

H/T: thetelegraphandargus.co.uk
Featured Image: Amber Ray Hadcroft Facebook and Suzanne Jane Facebook

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