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Male & Female Whippet Weights & Heights by Age

Written by: Arlene D.
| Published on August 14, 2023

The Whippet, often referred to as the “poor man’s racehorse”, is a breed renowned for its grace, speed, and sleek physique. As these svelte dogs gracefully transition from playful puppies to swift adults, many owners find themselves curious about their growth patterns. Understanding the average weights and heights of Whippet puppies can be instrumental in ensuring they’re developing healthily. This article delves into the typical growth trajectories of these elegant canines, offering insights and benchmarks for every stage of their puppyhood. Join us as we chart the fascinating journey of a Whippet’s growth from sprightly pup to athletic adult.

Male Whippet Weights & Heights by Age

The following chart contains the average weights and heights of male Whippet from newborn to 3 years of age. Please note these are only averages. Always consult with your veterinarian if you have any concerns about your Whippet’s growth.

Age Weight (lbs) Weight (kg) Height (inches) Height (cm)
Newborn 0.5-1.0 0.2-0.5 N/A N/A
1 month 5-7 2.3-3.2 8-10 20-25
2 months 10-13 4.5-5.9 10-12 25-30
3 months 13-17 5.9-7.7 12-14 30-35
4 months 17-21 7.7-9.5 14-16 35-40
5 months 21-25 9.5-11.3 16-18 40-45
6 months 25-28 11.3-12.7 18-20 45-50
7 months 28-30 12.7-13.6 19-21 48-53
8 months 29-32 13.2-14.5 19.5-21.5 49.5-54.6
9 months 30-34 13.6-15.4 20-22 50-55
10 months 31-35 14.1-15.9 20.5-22.5 52-57
11 months 32-36 14.5-16.3 21-23 53-58
12 months 33-37 15-16.8 21.5-23.5 54.6-59.7
2 years 35-40 15.9-18.1 21.5-24 54.6-61
3 years 35-40 15.9-18.1 21.5-24 54.6-61


Female Whippet Weights & Heights by Age

The following chart contains the average weights and heights of female Whippets from newborn to 3 years of age. Please note these are only averages. Always consult with your veterinarian if you have any concerns about your Whippet’s growth.

Age Weight (lbs) Weight (kg) Height (inches) Height (cm)
Newborn 0.4-0.8 0.2-0.4 N/A N/A
1 month 4-6 1.8-2.7 7-9 18-23
2 months 8-11 3.6-5 9-11 23-28
3 months 11-15 5-6.8 11-13 28-33
4 months 15-19 6.8-8.6 13-15 33-38
5 months 18-22 8.2-10 14.5-16.5 36.8-41.9
6 months 20-25 9.1-11.3 15-17 38-43
7 months 23-27 10.4-12.2 16-18 40.6-45.7
8 months 24-28 10.9-12.7 16.5-18.5 41.9-47
9 months 25-29 11.3-13.2 17-19 43-48
10 months 26-30 11.8-13.6 17.5-19.5 44.5-49.5
11 months 27-31 12.2-14.1 18-20 45.7-50.8
12 months 28-32 12.7-14.5 18.5-20.5 47-52
2 years 30-35 13.6-15.9 18.5-21 47-53
3 years 30-35 13.6-15.9 18.5-21 47-53

These tables are based on general guidelines and can vary greatly depending on individual dogs. Always consult with a veterinarian or professional breeder for more specific information about your pet’s growth and development.

FAQs about a Whippet Puppy’s Growth and Development

1. How big will my Whippet puppy grow to be?

Whippets are medium-sized dogs. Adult females typically weigh between 20-30 pounds and stand about 18-21 inches at the shoulder, while adult males weigh between 25-35 pounds and stand about 19-22 inches. Their growth rate will slow down after 6-8 months, but they might continue filling out until they’re about 18 months old.

2. When will my Whippet puppy stop growing?

Most Whippets reach their full height by 8-12 months of age. However, they might continue to fill out, gaining muscle and a bit more weight, until they’re about 18 months old.

3. Is there a specific growth chart for Whippet puppies?

Yes, there are breed-specific growth charts available for Whippets which you can find online or consult with your vet. These charts provide estimates based on average growth patterns for the breed.

4. How much should my Whippet puppy eat to support its growth?

The right amount varies based on age, activity level, and individual metabolism. It’s essential to follow the feeding guidelines on your puppy’s food package and adjust based on your puppy’s condition and energy.

5. Can I predict my puppy’s adult size based on its paw size?

While some people believe large paws indicate a larger adult dog, it’s not a precise measure. Genetics, nutrition, and overall health play a larger role in determining adult size.

6. My Whippet puppy seems skinny; is this normal?

Whippets naturally have a lean physique. It’s not uncommon for them to appear slender, especially during growth spurts. However, if you can see too many ribs or the spine prominently, consult your vet about the puppy’s diet and health.

7. At what age will my Whippet’s chest deepen and broaden?

Around 6-12 months, you’ll notice their chest starting to drop and broaden. This continues until they’re fully mature at around 18 months.

8. Should I be concerned if my Whippet puppy has an uneven growth pattern, such as longer legs compared to the body?

Puppies often go through awkward growth phases. If you’re feeding a balanced diet and providing adequate exercise, these uneven phases typically even out as they reach maturity.

9. How often should I weigh my Whippet puppy during its growth period?

It’s a good idea to weigh your puppy every 2-4 weeks during the first six months to monitor its growth and adjust food portions as needed.

10. My Whippet puppy seems to have a growth spurt overnight. Is this typical?

Yes, puppies can have sudden growth spurts, seemingly overnight. It’s important to ensure they’re getting adequate nutrition during these times.

11. Will neutering or spaying my Whippet affect its growth?

Early spaying or neutering can impact growth plate closure, potentially resulting in taller dogs. Discuss the best timing with your veterinarian.

12. What should the muscle tone of a growing Whippet be like?

Whippets should have a lean, athletic build. While they shouldn’t appear bulky, you should feel firm muscles under their skin, especially in the thigh area.

13. How can I ensure my Whippet puppy’s joints are healthy during growth?

Feed a balanced diet designed for puppies, avoid strenuous or high-impact activities while they’re still growing, and consult your vet if you notice limping or discomfort.

14. At what age is a Whippet’s skeletal structure fully developed?

By 18 months, most Whippets’ skeletal structures are fully developed, though some might continue minor changes up to 2 years.

15. Is it safe for my Whippet puppy to climb stairs or jump from heights?

It’s best to minimize jumping from heights and excessive stair climbing while they’re still growing to protect their developing joints.

16. Should I supplement my Whippet puppy’s diet with vitamins for growth?

Unless directed by a vet, avoid over-the-counter supplements. Quality puppy food should provide all the necessary nutrients.

17. How much exercise does my growing Whippet need?

Whippet puppies are energetic. However, while they’re still growing, it’s crucial to balance play with rest to avoid putting too much strain on developing bones and joints.

18. When will my Whippet puppy’s teeth be fully grown?

By six months, most puppies have their full set of adult teeth. Ensure you’re providing proper dental care from the start.

19. Are there physical growth differences between male and female Whippets?

Yes, males tend to be slightly taller and heavier than females. However, individual growth can vary based on genetics and health.

20. When do Whippet puppies typically get their adult coat?

While Whippets have short coats, you might notice a change in texture and density as they transition from puppy to adulthood, typically around 6-12 months of age.

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