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Man Spent $14K To Transform Into A Collie Steps Out For ‘First-Ever’ Walk In Public

| Published on November 9, 2023

In an extraordinary tale of self-expression and the pursuit of childhood dreams, a Japanese man known as Toco has taken the internet by storm by transforming himself into a domestic canine, specifically a collie, in a custom-designed costume worth over $14,000.


Image/Story Source Credit: NY Times via YouTube and WION


In a world where individualism can sometimes be bound by societal norms, Toco has unleashed his innermost desires by donning a strikingly realistic collie costume, crafted by the skilled artisans at Zeppet. The suit, which replicates the four-legged gait and furry appearance of a real dog, was not an impulsive buy; it’s the culmination of a lifelong aspiration to actualize his dream of “becoming an animal.”

Toco’s YouTube channel, a hub for over 32,000 subscribers, serves as a window into his newfound canine lifestyle. Videos of him frolicking on lush grass, rolling around with unbridled joy, and engaging in a game of fetch provide a snapshot of a dream turned reality. It’s a dream so compelling that it has drawn the gaze of millions worldwide, with a video capturing his first public outing as a collie garnering a staggering 1.7 million views.

Despite the attention, Toco’s transformation has not been without its challenges. Facing his first public stroll with a mix of nerves and fear, he strapped on a harness over his collie costume, confronting not only personal apprehension but also the potential for misunderstanding and judgment.


Image/Story Source Credit: NY Times via YouTube and WION


His venture into the public as a dog, Toco admits, is the realization of a vision too often dismissed as “unrealistic” or relegated to whimsical childhood fantasies. In a revealing commentary written in one of his clips, Toco reminisces about his grade school ambition, a sentiment that stayed with him into adulthood.

The costume’s creation was a labor of love and craftsmanship, taking Zeppet 40 days to complete. The price tag of 2 million Yen (USD $14,161) reflects the costume’s intricate design and lifelike quality, an investment Toco seems to find immeasurable in value compared to the joy and fulfillment it brings him.

Despite Toco’s burgeoning online fame, he maintains a low profile in his personal life, wary of misconceptions and criticisms from friends, family, and especially colleagues. His apprehension highlights the dichotomy between personal fulfillment and societal acceptance.

Toco’s odyssey is not just about the costume or the alter ego it creates; it’s a statement about the core of identity and the lengths one may go to achieve personal happiness. As Toco navigates both his everyday life and his excursions as a collie, his story unfolds as a poignant narrative about the courage to embrace one’s true self, even if that means becoming a dog in a world of humans.

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