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Man Follows BSL Law & Registers Pit Bull, Still Receives Letter Saying Dog Must Go

We’ve covered Montreal’s recent Pit Bull ban, which was put into effect earlier this year, and could get even worse. We’ve touched on the hoops the current Pittie owners have to jump through to keep their pets, and the resulting onslaught of surrenders, which is now a virtual death sentence. (Meanwhile, there are rescue efforts from people desperate to help).

While Pit-type dogs are no longer allowed to be adopted by the city’s residents, current owners can keep their pups – but it’ll cost them. In order to keep their companions around, they must follow a strict set of rules.

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In addition to putting a muzzle on their dogs and keeping them on a short leash in public, people who want to keep their Pits have to register them every year and make sure their dogs are wearing state issued ID tags. (It’s worth noting that Pit Bull registration costs $150. Registering a non-banned breed is $25 if it’s spayed/neutered and $60 if it isn’t, with a $5 discount if it’s microchipped.)

The Breed Specific Legislation (BSL) is considered unfair by many, but for loving dog owners, the cost of keeping their pups is worth the price. That’s why when Stephen Andrade followed all the rules to legally keep his pup Brio. So when he received a letter saying that the dog had to go, he was understandably distressed.

According to iHeartRadio, Andrade said:

“I did it by the books, I did it by the law, I did it step-by-step, and now they’re saying I didn’t do the right paperwork. I just want to keep my dog, I’ve done what they asked me to do.”

Instead of receiving dog tags in the mail, Andrade got a letter saying his paperwork was incomplete and he had 48 hours to rehome the dog outside city lines, or else he’d face legal repercussions or have his dog seized.

According to iHeartRadio, Andrade wasn’t the only Pit parent to get this letter after going through the registration process. He told them:

“I don’t know, maybe somebody didn’t do the job properly, or this is just another way to get people to give up their dogs.”

Thankfully, after speaking with the city a few times, the issue has been resolved. Andrade was given an apology and told to disregard the letter. The article ends by telling other Pit Bull parents to call the city if they think they received a similar letter by mistake.

We can only imagine Andrade’s fear and frustration, as well as other Pittie lovers in the area. Perhaps the best way to resolve future paperwork mix-ups is to forget the BSL laws, altogether.

(h/t: iHeartRadio / iHeartRadio)

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Written by Karen Tietjen
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