Must Read: Andrew Zimmern Posts Emotional Tribute For Pretzel, His Late Pug

Chef Andrew Zimmern’s best friend was a Pug named Pretzel. Pretzel made many appearances on his social media pages, including videos of the dog licking his dad’s head and photos of him wearing a pretzel costume.

The Pug was blind and getting older, so Zimmern knew the time he had left with Pretzel was limited. Yet, he was still shocked and devastated when the little dog passed away earlier this week. So, he turned to social media to share his feelings about the beloved dog’s death, and fans were not prepared for such a tear-jerking tribute.

Senior Pug Outside
Image: @chefaz/Instagram

Zimmern’s Tribute to Pretzel

Zimmern didn’t say exactly what caused Pretzel’s death, but it was likely due to old age. Luckily, Pretzel passed away in his dad’s arms, right by his family and friends. So, he was surrounded by love until the very end.

“I have some sad news. Yesterday afternoon Pretzel Zimmern, proud senior squad commander of #pugsofinstagram #pugstagram left our earthly world,” Zimmern wrote on Instagram following the Pug’s death. “He was surrounded by loved ones and he passed in our arms.”

Man and his Pug
Image: @chefaz/Instagram

In his post, Zimmern then went on to thank fans for all the support. Over the years, many people sent Zimmern Pug stuff, drew pictures of Pretzel, and commented on the silly posts about the pup. It’s clear that this little dog was loved by many, even by people that had never met him in person.

“Pretzel had a very tough life with many physical complications but his selflessness was total and absolute. We should all be more like Pretzel,” Zimmern wrote. “He protected our home, never left a family member’s side when they were sick, rode shotgun for every adventure, and despite being blind was always investigating his surroundings fearlessly.”

Pug Licking Bald Head
Image: @AndrewZimmern/Facebook

Rest in Peace, Pretzel

Pretzel was such a special little Pug. He had his quirks just like every dog, and Zimmern loved him for them. Almost every night before bed, Pretzel would lick his dad’s bald head for some reason, which fans found amusing. Pretzel was also always there for his dad through every up and down in life.

“He was an amazing friend to all and beloved by his family. Even at the very end he inspired us and brought out compassion and empathy from our most unsuspected inner sources. He will be missed and loved forever,” Zimmern concluded.

Senior Pug Relaxing
Image: @chefaz/Instagram

Rest in peace, Pretzel. You will always be in the hearts of everyone who loved you. Losing a dog is never easy, but it’s heartwarming to see how they changed the lives of people on Earth.


Pretzel just wakes up out of a dead slumber on the couch and starts in on my head. I love that little dog. #pug #pugsofinstagram #puglife

Posted by Andrew Zimmern on Monday, January 6, 2020

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Featured Image: @chefaz/Instagram

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