Nearly 200 Dogs Rescued From The Dog Meat Trade Need Homes In The U.S.

Animal advocates are fighting for the end of the dog meat trade in South Korea, leading to yet another dog meat farm permanently closing its doors. This recent closure has left 196 dogs in the hands of animal rescuers, and they are now in need of forever homes in America!

Animal shelters across the country have come together to find a home for every single furry friend involved in this rescue. With Humane Society International leading the way, they were able to recruit an impressive team of shelters that are offering a temporary space for each pup to rest their heads.

dog meat trade rescue

Organizations involved in this epic project include SPCA Cincinnati (Ohio), Delaware Valley Golden Retriever Rescue (Pennsylvania), Humane Society of Calvert County (Maryland), Homeward Trails Animal Rescue (Virginia), and Petey and Furends (Maryland).

All 196 dogs have touched down in the U.S. safely, and are adjusting to a life free of constant fear. Once these furry friends have rested and recovered from their long journey, they will need a forever family that’s ready to give them their all. These pups have endured the unthinkable and will need a home that’s filled with the love they so desperately need.

dog meat trade rescue

Thankfully for the dogs of South Korea, the dog meat trade is a dying industry. A recent poll shows that 84% of participants would never eat dog meat and that 59% support a legislative ban on the dog meat trade altogether.

“Although most people in South Korea don’t regularly eat dog meat, and support for a ban is growing, there remain thousands of farms of all sizes across the country where dogs of all breeds endure a harsh existence.” – Kelly O’Meara

The current pandemic made bringing these dogs to the states a bit more challenging than usual, but the team at Humane Society International was dedicated to making it happen. Travel regulations tried to stand in their way, but nothing could stop this incredible team of animal advocates.

dog meat trade rescue

While this was a huge win for animal lovers everywhere, they still have so much work to do when it comes to animal welfare in countries like South Korea. The passion that HSI has for animals around the world is indescribable, making them fit to take on the challenge ahead!

“With fewer people wanting to eat dog, farmers can see the writing is on the wall for this dying industry and so they work with HSI to find a solution that gives both them and their remaining dogs a chance of a new life. With such interest from dog farmers, and public support, we hope the Korean government will adopt this type of approach to phase out the dog meat industry for good.”  – Kelly O’Meara

dog meat trade rescue

If you are interested in adopting any of the dogs involved in this rescue, we encourage you to reach out to any of the above rescues that we mentioned above. The pups will be sent to shelters around the country over the next month, hopefully offering them the beautiful future they always deserved!

Image Source: HSIGlocal/FB

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