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New Company Promises To Care For Your Pet In The Event Of Your Death

Most of us can’t imagine a scenario where we would be forced to give up or re-home our beloved dogs or cats. Unfortunately, the fate of our pets if we were to pass away is a very real concern. Without close friends or family members to care for them, they could end up in the shelter system or even out on the street.


In response to this problem, entrepreneur Brenda Collier started the service PetNet. They partner with rescue organizations across the country to place dogs and cats into new homes in the event of a tragedy. Clients get the peace of mind of knowing that should they be separated by death, illness or any unforeseen event, their pets will be taken care of.


The PetNet fee structures are based on the age of the owner, with folks over 55 paying slightly more. However, they offer a guarantee that no one will pay more than $1,000 per pet. If they reach that cap without requiring PetNet’s services, their subscription will continue at no additional cost for the remainder of their life.


The $749 per pet RehomeNow option allows those experiencing the stress of an illness or sudden emergency to rest assured that their pets will be placed into the capable, compassionate hands of a rescue group and re-homed as soon as possible.



Collier was inspired to start PetNet after a friend passed away from cancer and her dog ended up in a shelter. She is a retired business lawyer with an extensive rescue background and her own menagerie of 7 rescue dogs and cats.


PetNet is a for-profit business and a portion of each subscription fee goes to the groups that participate in placing the animals, but Collier does not believe that she is exploiting a difficult situation. Instead she feels that her company is giving everyday citizens the power to protect their pets from euthanasia and homelessness in a world where far too many experience those fates.

What do you think of this innovative new service? Would you consider becoming a PetNet client?

H/T to BarkPost


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Written by Dina Fantegrossi
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