New Luxury Shelter Will Cater To Seniors, Pregnant Pups & Special Needs Dogs

Chicago’s ALIVE Rescue is preparing to open their dream rescue facility is Salem Lakes, IL. Thanks to their tireless efforts, the Big Barn Rescue will be their most impressive accomplishment yet!

The creation of the sanctuary started when they received a huge land plot donation at the end of 2016.  Four years later, plans for their dream rescue and adoption center are well underway. It is the culmination of a massive goal that will help ALIVE Rescue more than double the number of animals they save in the future.

big barn dog rescue

This new facility will be referred to as the “Big Barn,” and will have an area dedicated to every type of rescue pup that walks in their door. The Big Barn will consist of two birthing suites for pregnant and nursing dogs; a retirement room for senior sanctuary dogs; 18 dog suites for canine residents, a grooming room, fenced-in areas behind the barn designated as play lots, an indoor play area, and multiple walking trails throughout the property.

“Some dogs tend to deteriorate in a traditional shelter setting due to factors including lack of stimulation and lack of exercise. Some dogs need a little extra TLC before they’re ready to go to their forever home, or even a foster home. These dogs include seniors, pregnant/nursing moms and dogs with behavioral issues.” – Founder, Kristen Gerali

big barn dog rescue

The rescue process can be beautiful for so many furry friends, but it can also be extremely stressful for nervous dogs. Transitioning from their previous life to a new surrounding can be a lot to take in, and the team at ALIVE wants to cater to them in every way they can.

This new facility will allow the team to meet the individual needs of every pup that enters their care, and offer them a better future because of this. The Big Barn will serve as a retreat for so many deserving pups, and can make this new chapter of their lives so much easier.

big barn dog rescue

“Our mission has always been to save the underdog and the Big Barn is going to give us that opportunity to help even more of those dogs — the shy dogs, the feral dogs, the dogs that are really sick or need more medical attention. Now we will have the facility and the land to give these dogs time, which is what they usually need to shine. The Big Barn is going to be a really special place for those dogs.” – Founder, Kristen Gerali

The large plot of land also allows for a “Rescue House” to be built right next to the Big Barn. This means volunteer staff can reside next to the rescue dogs at all times, and can even house dogs that require around-the-clock care.

“Our Rescue House will be located steps away from The Big Barn and will offer individual sleeping rooms where dogs can rest with a volunteer/staff member monitoring them throughout the night.” – Founder, Kristen Gerali

The ALIVE Rescue has raised over $200,000 for this project, but needs additional funds to continue to reach their goal of opening their doors in 2021. If you would like to contribute to the cause, you can follow their work and donate on their Facebook page.

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