New Product Allows You To do a Home Wellness Check For Your Pet

A new product is out that will change pet care forever. Coastline Global, an industry leader in creating innovative health products for pets, introduces the CheckUp product line, a quick, noninvasive and reliable method to let pet parents observe their pets’ general health and detect common diseases in the comfort of the pet’s home. CheckUp is ideal for those who want to check their pets’ health in between visits to the veterinarian or for dogs and cats of all ages that require regular monitoring for previously diagnosed medical conditions.

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“We know that people care tremendously about their pets, yet a significant number of pet owners don’t routinely bring them to the vet on a yearly basis, leaving many with serious, undetected medical conditions,” said Alon Rosenberg, CEO of Coastline Global Inc. “Now, CheckUp gives them an easy and reliable tool they can use at home to monitor their pets’ general wellness or keep track of a condition that a veterinarian may be treating. CheckUp lets people actively participate in their pets’ health and have peace of mind.”

Wellness exams are one of the best ways to monitor pet health and catch common medical problems before it’s too late. CheckUp, which is recommended by leading veterinarians, detects some of the most common diseases affecting cats and dogs, including high glucose levels, kidney conditions, urinary tract infections and the presence of blood in the urine.

Simple, noninvasive collection methods make it easy to obtain urine for testing at home, and the diagnostic strips provided show results within 60 seconds. By using CheckUp, pet owners can detect a medical condition before it worsens and help extend their pets’ lifespan.


CheckUp for Dogs

Many dogs suffer from critical conditions that can go undetected or require ongoing monitoring after they have been treated by a veterinarian. More than half (52 percent) of our nation’s dogs are obese and one out of 400 are diabetic, reflecting high glucose levels. Ten percent of dogs have kidney problems and 14 percent will have at least one urinary tract infection during their lifetime.

Dogs with these conditions require frequent urine collection and monitoring, and the sooner the condition is diagnosed, the better for the dog.

The CheckUp for Dogs kit contains a urine collection cup that features a telescopic pole that keeps the person collecting the urine a comfortable distance away from the dog. This distance also makes the dog feel comfortable, enabling it to urinate freely. Once the urine is collected, a diagnostic test strip dipped into the urine will indicate if the dog has any of the four medical conditions that the test addresses.


CheckUp for Cats

By nature, cats hide their pain and they’re not likely to “tell” their owner that they are in discomfort. Yet, they are prone to many debilitating medical conditions. Some 58 percent of cats are obese and one out of 200 is diabetic, reflecting high glucose levels. Thirty-five percent of aging cats have kidney conditions and 30 percent of cats will experience at least one urinary tract infection during their lifetime.

CheckUp makes urine collection and monitoring easy by using patented, hydrophobic sand for the litter box that feels and smells real, making cats cooperative when a urine sample is needed. The environmentally friendly sand is veterinarian-approved and has gone through extensive research and validation testing. It has been used by thousands of veterinary clinics and hospitals in over 44 countries for the last five years. The 100 percent hydrophobic sand allows the urine to remain on the surface and easy to collect with a pipette. Dipping a diagnostic testing strip into the provided vial shows results for the four conditions within 60 seconds.

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I received a dog kit which includes:

  • 1 telescopic pole
  • 1 detachable metal ring to hold large, disposable cup
  • 1 sample collection pipette
  • 1 sample collection vial to hold small urine sample for testing
  • 2 identical testing strips to dip into urine samples and compare results on card

At just $14.99, it is definitely less expensive than a vet visit. The directions are easy and while catching your pet’s urine might not be really easy, it’s something everyone can do with a bit of practice. Some tips:

  • Have your pet on leash will definitely help
  • Have two people – one to hold the leash and one to catch the sample
  • Try to get your pup to go on a surface with low brush – so dirt, mulch, short cut grass – it will make it easier for you to get a clean sample

Since my husband is a vet tech, I immediately wondered about the legitimacy of the kits, so I asked the manufacturer about the accuracy of the strips and how similar they are to what a vet would use.

“The testing strips that are used are from the same manufacturer that supplies testing strips to thousands of human/animal clinics and labs worldwide,” A representative for Coastline Global explained.  “As a product of choice, these strips are accurate and reliable.”

The only difference, they added, is that vet offices usually use a 10 parameter strip, versus the 4 parameters of the CheckUp strip.

As for accuracy, the companys says, “We have had pet owners call them personally to inform them that once a strip showed a positive result that their vet confirmed that this was indeed correct after retesting the urine themselves.”

Of course, this points out the fact that most vets will probably still want to retest your pet, which you are going to have to pay for. But it’s about more than saving money. If you have a pet with chronic illnesses, you may be able to catch their issues earlier, which will make treating them easier and get your pet out of discomfort quicker, which is really the bottom line to all of this.

The CheckUp is not made to replace a visit to the vet. Therefore, CheckUp should be used in between routine/yearly visits. This can be anywhere from 2-4 times in between a yearly visit. However, if a pet has a chronic condition (diabetes, chronic UTI or kidney conditions) they may require weekly monitoring as recommended by their vet. For more information visit their website.

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