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State Bill Passed That Would Only Allow Pet Stores To Sell Shelter Dogs & Cats

In light of last year’s shut down of the Fancy Pups store in New Jersey–in which the former owner faced 267 counts of animal cruelty–the state senate has passed a bill that would substantially decrease the demand for puppy mill dogs.

According to the bill, any pet store who obtains a license after January 12, 2016 is only permitted to sell dogs and cats obtained from shelters. While a slew of cities in New Jersey and throughout the US have already passed ordinances with similar restrictions, this particular law would apply to the state as a whole.

animal shelter

“These puppy mills have gained a notorious reputation for putting profits ahead,” said Senator Raymond Lesniak, who introduced the bill, reports Dog Heirs. “Their mass breeding has created inbred health and behavioral problems and the inhumane conditions have left too many of these pets to suffer from neglect and mistreatment.”

We’d love to see this bill become a law so more shelter dogs and cats can find their forever homes.

What do you think: should all pet stores only sell shelter animals?

(h/t: Dog Heirs)

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Written by Karen Tietjen
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