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One Of Two Dogs Stolen At Gunpoint Has Been Found, One Still Missing

Written by: Amber LaRock
Amber LaRock is a writer and reviewer for iHD. She is a Licensed Vet Tech with 12 years of experience in the field, and she now creates informative content for pet parents.Read more
| Published on April 18, 2022

Earlier this month, two separate sets of dog parents in the DC area were targeted in a terrifying dognapping scheme. A group of four males cornered the pet parents at gunpoint, forcing them to hand over their beloved pups.

Rick Oleka and Abby Sevcik were walking their beloved Australian Shepherd puppy named Pablo when something awful occurred. Oleka remembers the terrifying moment when he felt a gun pressed to his back, soon followed by the words “let me get your dog.”

dog stolen at gunpoint

Oleka says the four hooded males also took his phone and wallet before hopping back into their vehicle. As the group of men pulled away from the scene of the crime, the couple had no idea if they would ever see their 11-week-old pup again.

Once the couple reported the incident to the police, they were able to tie the armed robbery to another dognapping just miles down the road. The same group of men had just stolen a French Bulldog named Bruno at gunpoint 15 minutes before, leaving yet another terrified dog parent in their wake.

dog stolen at gunpoint

The police immediately got to work on finding the suspects and hopefully returning their furry victims to their families. Both dog parents were desperate for any information leading to their arrest, with Pablo’s parents even offering $50,000 for their returned puppy.

After connecting the dots on the crime spree around town, the police then tied the suspects to a nearby residence. Raiding the home led to the discovery of an unharmed Pablo, as well as the suspects believed to be involved in the crime. Unfortunately, Bruno was nowhere to be found.

dog stolen at gunpoint

Soon after Pablo was found, the police officers Facetimed both Rick and Abby with the exciting news. Once Abby connected to the video call, the first thing she saw was Pablo in the arms of a police officer.

“He is shockingly normal. We were thrilled he remembered us. We’re just so thankful, we’re all going to sleep so well tonight.” – Abby Sevcik

Officers state that the investigation is still underway and that they are desperately trying to locate Bruno. His family is absolutely devastated that he has not been found, and is pleading for anyone with information to come forward.

dog stolen at gunpoint

We ask you to take a look at Bruno’s photo and reach out to investigators if you have any helpful information on this case. Please call 213-200-7137 with any tips.

We are so glad Pablo is safe and reunited with his family, and we are sending our love to Bruno’s family during this difficult time.

Image Source: Twitter

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