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P.E.T. CSI – Pet DNA Testing Coming to Your Neighborhood!

| Published on February 8, 2015

Do you have an unlicensed dog? Or maybe you are not the best about picking up after your pet? If that you, then you may not be happy about this company, that is using technology to help landlords find rule-breakers and fine them.

Cedric Moses is the founder of eConcierge Solutions which is an innovative concierge service and premier ancillary private label, profit sharing, silent partner for apartments, condominiums and homeowner associations.  Through his surveys years ago he found the #1 and #2 issues with property management firms were pet breed identity and pet waste.  DNA was the solution and Mr. Moses created P.E.T. CSI™.

That’s right. With their services your landlord, HOA committee or city officials can track down who has not been picking up after their dog (or cat!) and then cite you for it.

Norvan Daniel is a Dallas-based Licensed Reseller for P.E.T. CSI. He answered our questions about this ingenious method to help keep our cities clean.

What types of properties have implemented this?

Apartment of all types(High-rise and low-rise), HOA’s (Condos and Single Family Homes), We have gained the interest of several major cities and with the introduction of our 2 new services feel we have several US cities on board soon.  Mr. Moses is currently in the UK working with officials there in 15 different councils that are interested in using DNA.

But it’s not just about the poop, right? Property managers are generating revenue from this as well, correct?

We created a turnkey business so that the property manager or even city can collect revenue after they pay for the service.  The majority of our clients they are charging 3 and 4 times what it cost to have a fecal match test done [as a citation].   

It costs money to register each dog, how are communities covering that fee?

The cost of the test is only $29.95 to have your pet registered.  Within most standard leasing agreements there are provisions that allow property managers to take measures in order to allow residents to house pets, such as a pet deposit.  For example, a property manager is charging $150 pet deposit, which is obviously greater than $29.95, so they recoup the cost of the test.

Other Services

While there are other companies that do this, P.E.T CSI offers many other service, above and beyond just finding out who didn’t scoop their poop.


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I understand you are more than just a Pet DNA Service. What else do you offer?

We have worked hard to build other aspects of our company to cater to shared communities with pets  and distinguish ourselves from our competitor. We accomplished that by creating the most comprehensive pet management system for shared communities.  P.E.T. CSI™ believes that our commitment to that philosophy begins with pet education.

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Through our proprietary Virtual Reality Pet Education (VPE) courses we offer a subscription base model on topics ranging from “Living With Your Dog In A Shared Community” to “Dog Bite Safety. We also offer either in-person consultation or online seminars for dog owners, utility workers, postal carriers, insurance personnel, law enforcement and  property management individuals.  Each pet owner will be given an assessment at the end of the course that coincides with the property managers pet policies. A certificate of completion will be emailed to the property manager and pet owner which further encourages responsible pet ownership.

Our second new service ensures our property managers and clients they are in compliance with all city & state laws in regards to registering pets with the local animal control authorities  Our City Pet Registration portal helps property managers audit all the pets within their community and will register their residents pets keeping their property in compliance and out of trouble from harboring unregistered pets.  The liability risk alone of allowing unregistered pets has skyrocketed not to mention the city fines and violation fees for getting caught. With more and more pet bites and uninsured pet owners our goal is to keep our clients safe from further liability on the property.


  • Virtual Pet Education
  • Pet DNA Identification
  • Pet Waste Matching Service
  • Aggressive or Restricted Breed Test
  • City Pet Registration Assistance
  • Dog Bite Forensics for Insurance Claims
  • Lost & Found QR Code Pet Tag Tracking

P.E.T. CSI™ patented DNA & QR Code BioTechnology combines each pets unique DNA with a unique QR

Code.  Pet owners gain access to a number of innovative benefits and through our genetic testing and

breed identity testing may extend and improve the overall health of their pet through DNA analysis,

which is stored in the PET DNA Registry.

Pet owners now have at their fingertips a way to store:

  • pet photo(s)
  • store and provide proof of ownership
  • city registration
  • vaccination records

We offer features that accompany our proprietaryQR Code Technology including Missing Pet Alerts which will blast text messages and emails to neighboring agencies and we will place alerts on our website and our social media sites in the event your pet is lost or stolen.

How are dog owners reacting to it?

Dog owners love it.  They did bark at it at first, but once the Vet bills decreased and the carpet stains went away they all begin to smell the roses again.  We have had pet owners tell us that when their pet would go out the first place they would run would be to an existing pile.  Their pet would then ingest small amounts of fecal matter and become ill.   Other residents who would occasionally step in pet waste left behind by an irresponsible pet owner are also applauding this system.


What do you think?

Your landlord can track to see if you are picking up after your dog and make sure any dogs you have are licensed according to your state or county laws.  Do you live in a neighborhood that uses this program? If so, tell us what you think in the comments. If not, would you want to?


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